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Ben Nadel
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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Yaron Kohn
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Yaron Kohn

Google Analytics Actually Works In Alaska!

By Ben Nadel on

I put Google Analytics on a friend's site and HOLY COW! there is actually a hit up in Alaska. I was convinced that up till now, Google Analytics would just never register up in Alaska. But, here it is:


Google Analytics - Alaska  


Google Analytics - Alaska  

So I guess it does work up there. What does that mean for my site though? It means that in months and months no one has hit my site from Alaska. I guess there aren't any ColdFusion / Kinky Solutions fan up north. Poor me :(

Do any of you other ColdFusion buffs out there get hits up in Alaska?

Reader Comments

I get a ton from the great AK... I guess it helps that i lived there for 20 years, and my entire family is up there. :)
Actually, there's a fair CF community up there, and at least one Adobe User Group.

I guess they just don't like me ... boohoo :(

That can be a new milestone for me. Once I get someone from AK hitting my site, I can retire :)

You'd be surprised where you get visitors from. Everywhere from Central Africa to Fiji to South America. But yes, Alaska does have internet!

Yeah, very true. I get people from all over the world... except Alaska :(

Actually, and most of Russia / mainland China. I don't know why I am fixated on Alaska so much.