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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Adam DiCarlo
Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Adam DiCarlo ( @adamdicarlo )

Boyan Kostadinov Makes An Excellent Suggestion

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Over the weekend, Boyan Kostadinov made an excellent suggestion for an update to my blog. For those of you who have posted comments, you know that you are emailed a copy of your own comment. This was done on purpose to maintain the thread of comments - so that you could see what the heck people were talking about when they were responding to something you wrote. I love it, but some people do not. Boyan suggested that I put in a toggle so that people can opt out of getting a copy of their own comment. So, that's what I have done. On the blog comment form, there is now a third checkbox that you can uncheck if you do NOT want to get a copy of your own comment.

Hope that helps improve the Kinky Solutions experience for some of you out there.

Reader Comments



Yeah! That seems of use... I have been looking around your blog trying to find out how when I click the "reply" next to your comment for example, the @Ben appears in the comment field on your form. I think this is excellent functionality but can't find a way of doing it! Please help... Thanks



When the reader click on the "Reply" button, the click event is intercepted by some underlying jQuery code. The first name of the user is then appended to the textarea value.

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