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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Adam Lewis
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2012 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Adam Lewis

2007 New Years Resolutions

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Happy new year to everyone! As the new year rolls around, it's another chance to start off on the right foot and to pick up where things went "wrong" in past years. I break my resolutions into two different categories: work related and everything else. So, without further ado, these are my 2007 new years resolutions:

Work Related

Finish the projects that I have started and not finished:

  • - Skin Spider
  • - Team Nylon
  • - File Explorer

Learn more Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks in the ColdFusion world.

Finish developing my RAGE (Relative-Action-Group-Execution) framework. It's just a different take on unique address descriptors, but I'd like to share it with others.

Blog blog blog blog!

Read some more technical books (hopefully one every one or two months).

Non-Work Related

Keep in touch with friends better.

Go hiking more.

Get Project HUGE 2007 up and running and STAY ON TRACK!

Eat better. I have to learn to not eat donuts just because someone brings a box to the office. Also, I have to remember to take my vitamins every day.

Watch more movies (in theatres - I miss the big screen experience).

That about sums it up. Not too much different from last year, but hey, I'm a work in progress. I like to keep the list small and simple. I set small goals that I might be able to obtain. Hopefully this year can be my year to shine.

Reader Comments


Nice one Ben, it's good to be aware of your environment and focus on what makes you happy always...not just in January of every year!

Definitely keep blogging, your posts are well thought out and insightful. I for one get a lot out of them :)

Take care and watch more movies (one of my favourite pastime's!)



Thanks for liking the blog entries. That means a lot to me. And, as far as movies, I certainly kicked off the year nicely. This weekend, I went to see Rocky and Apacolypto. Both were pretty good under-dog type movies (perhaps the best genre of movie ever). Rocky was definitely good to see to help kick up project HUGE 2007 :)

Best of luck in the new year.


Hi Ben:

Looks like you have your hands full this year!

Let me know if you would like any help with your coding projects.



Apacolypto was the best movie for me this year! Mel Gibson does some great movies. I'm always a big fan of movies covering historical periods and Apacolypto was great and realistic. Glad to see the movie was kept as authentic as possible and Hollywood didn't 'sugar coat' it.

"Eat better. I have to learn to not eat donuts just because someone brings a box to the office."

I know the feeling but you got to take the bad with the good. As I was taught, all good things must be enjoyed in moderation. It's helped me lose weight and keep it off. Now I can have a donut here and there if anyone brings one into the office without concern.

For 2007 I'm looking forward to more of your blog posts Ben. I visit your blog daily. How about that for pressure? :) If you need any help with your applications I'd love to team up with you and lend a hand. Currently, I'm using your programmatic configuration to figure out all my paths in my own framework. Boy has it worked like a charm, you can drop it anywhere and it will work. No configuration is needed. If any has to be done its a 1 time setup and thats it. But all paths are figured out automatically. Tested on Windows and Linux. The blog entry on Programmatic Configuration is definitely my all time Ben Nadel favorite! Keep it up as we'll be reading!



Glad to hear you are really liking the programmatic config stuff, it's all I use. Just takes the thinking out of it.

I would love some help and collaboration but I am so all over the place right now that I wouldn't even know what to tell you. Thank you so much for wanting to help out. I am sure I would love some help in the not so distant future.

I will try to keep up the posts. Right now work and family/friend obligations are slamming me and I am tired. This is the longest "first week of the year" ever! And, it's only a four day week. Crazy!



Thanks for the offer of help. I am sure I will need some. I am all over the place. I will get in touch when I am more organized.

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