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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Katie Maher
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Katie Maher

Project HUGE In 2007

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For a short while, Project HUGE was on track and going strong. Then, around Thanksgiving, everything just went wrong. My structure was lost, my eating was horrible, my workouts were non-existent. It's time to get things back on track - to really throw myself back into my workouts.... again. Sure, maybe I have tried a bunch of times, but working out is too much fun and it is too important for my health to give up.

This year, for motivation, I am starting to rock a new workout t-shirt:

Mr. Olympia, Sydney Australio

Nothing like reaching back and calling on the old Gods of bodybuilding for a little support and inspiration.

I am also thinking about purchasing a new pair of straps. Mine are so drenched with sweat and filth that they are almost hard to hold on to (yeah, that's kind of sick, but hey, 5 years of body oil adds up eventually).

All being said, I am totally pumped up for a new year of lifting heavy stuff off the floor :)

Here's to having a pump-tastic new year!

Reader Comments


Ben, what kind of sports drinks do you like to bring to the gym?

I often get dizzy spells mid-way through a workout. At first I thought I might not be drinking enough water, after doing some research, I found that too much water can actually make my condition worse. Everyone recommended sports drinks because they have sugar and carbs, makes since in retrospect.

I recently started making my own sports drinks (not to be confused with energy drinks: red bull, etc.). Water down some OJ and add a little sea salt. That's it. Seems to do the trick.


I just keep it old school son and drink water. :) I don't drink much though while working out I've noticed it either gives me cramps or makes me more exhausted. If I'm doing running in between long sets I'll have a drink a little (not fast either) while taking a breather.

"Sure, maybe I have tried a bunch of times, but working out is too much fun and it is too important for my health to give up."

Well said! I agree its way to much fun. I'll admit I'm just as lazy as anyone else but the trick to work out is to always tell yourself it feels good which is the truth. Everytime I come home from working out I feel all around better and I sure as hell sleep better too. Glad to see you are back on track with your Project HUGE.


Back on track, but off to a slow start. Work and family obligations have slammed me this week! Hopefully in the next few days I can kick it off.


yeah.....that's a wonderful looking woman, roid freaks. don't worry, you can take roids but that doesn't create an athlete.


Your form is superb, your muscle tone very good;..., for a young man. The days of true Devinely designed identity has been so assaulted by the enemy of our souls, that we all fall to the pressure to bend. You have a lovely face beyond the altered hormonally induced body facade that is transforming your face into a "young man in drag" appearance. It really doesn't matter if the treatments you are "affording" are "100% natural". What do you REALLY need?...........
Your Father does Love you........., Proverbs 3:5&6, Proverbs 31


do any of you people ,know hard she would have too work to get this body. a perfect body all round .congrats to the model,a job well done.a pleasure to view something so beautilful...........


Holy shit.....that body must have taken a long time to get. But props to her for sticking with it.....i cant.
P.S. Love the muscles


I am pretty sure that is heather policky armhurst. She work out at her husbands gym Dylan armhurst pro gym in Lakewood, Colorado USA

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