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Ben Nadel at NCDevCon 2016 (Raleigh, NC) with: Matthew Eash
Ben Nadel at NCDevCon 2016 (Raleigh, NC) with: Matthew Eash ( @mujimu )

Working Code Podcast - Episode 91: Side Projects

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On this week's show, Carol and I get to spend some quality one-on-one time talking "side projects": the coding that we do on the side because we freakin' love coding, like so freakin' much! Carol celebrates the WordPress site that she's built and now maintains for her son's band, including the ability to accept payments and donations. And, I talk about trying to build a feature flag system using Lucee CFML and Angular. I also confesses that running this blog for 17-years has historically had a negative impact on my resolution to do more exploratory work.

As an aside, we often try to avoid getting too deep into code on this podcast. However, on this episode, we went deeper than usual into the details of TypeScript and ColdFusion and I have to say that I really enjoyed it a lot! I'm keen to know how others received it? Personally, I'd love to go deeper on the coding bits more often. After all, coding is how I spend the majority of my life and I'm genuinely excited to share that all with the rest of you.

All that and more on this week's show:

... featuring these beautiful, beautiful people:

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For the full show notes and links, visit the episode page. And, be sure to follow the show and come chat with us on Discord! Our website is and we're @WorkingCodePod on Twitter and Instagram. New episodes drop weekly on Wednesday.

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