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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2019 (Phoenix, AZ) with: Winnie Tong
Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2019 (Phoenix, AZ) with: Winnie Tong ( @wintopia )

Working Code Podcast - Episode 73: On Bad Leaders And Gaslighting Employees

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In the 20+ years of my career, I don't remember ever seeing a person in a leadership position be fired. I've seen plenty of people leave a company to "explore other opportunities", typically accompanied by much praise and congratulations. And, I have to assume that at least some of these people were actually fired; but, were allowed to depart under friendly terms. As such, I pose this question to the crew: assuming that my assumption is valid, is suppressing this information healthy for the company (perhaps in an effort to keep morale high)? Or, is it a form of gaslighting that creates confusion and dissent within the organization?

All that and more on this week's show:

... featuring these beautiful, beautiful people:

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