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Ben Nadel at CFCamp 2023 (Freising, Germany) with: Randy Brown and Sebastian Zartner
Ben Nadel at CFCamp 2023 (Freising, Germany) with: Randy Brown Sebastian Zartner

Extolling The Benefit Of Feature Flags On The Deploy Friday Podcast

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This morning, I had an opportunity to join Episode 64 of the Deploy Friday podcast, hosted by Chad Carlson of In this episode, Dave Karow - CD Evangelist at - and I celebrate the multitude of benefits that your team, your product, and (most importantly) your customers can take advantage of when you start to weave feature flags into your product development workflow. Hopefully, our excitement is infectious!

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If you enjoyed this podcast, and you want to hear me pontificate even more enthusiastically about feature flags, checkout my own podcast: Working Code Podcast, Episode 18. And, all of this is really top-of-mind for me because I recently gave a presentation about feature flags at the Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2021. Check that one out if you want some fun GIFs!

Feature flags are the future!

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On this podcast, I started to codify some thoughts that I've been having for a while. I talk about how feature flags affect the balance of power on an EPD (Engineering, Product, Design) team. I tried to flesh those thoughts out into their own post:

By putting code into production and collocating it with the user, it significantly shifts the conversation about when to release a feature and start adding value to the customer experience.

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