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Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Shawn Grigson
Ben Nadel at InVision In Real Life (IRL) 2018 (Hollywood, CA) with: Shawn Grigson@shawngrig )

Project HUGE : Phase II / Week 7

By Ben Nadel on

I just took a week off from the gym and I'm a week behind in my postings. Here is week 7 which was not last week but the week before. I switched up the order a bit. I put chest first since I missed it two weeks in a row. Also, a bunch of the exercises got messed up and needed substitutions (people using my machines):

Day One : Chest / Biceps

Weighted Dips

25 x 12
35 x 10
45 x 8
55 x 6

Woohooo! Feels nice to strap some good weight on for dipping. I'm finally back in the game.

Dumbbell Overhead Press

35 x 12
40 x 10
45 x 8
50 x 8

Machine ISO Chest Press

25 x 12
45 x 8
45 x 7
45 x 5

This was a substitution and was much harder than I expected.

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

25 x 12
30 x 10
35 x 8
40 x 6-7

Reverse Barbell Curls

30 x 12
40 x 10
50 x 8
60 x 6-8

Day Two : Legs

Smith Machine Back Squats

180 x 6
230 x 6
270 x 5
180 x 10

I decided to just go heavy since this wasn't the exercise I wanted to do. It felt nice to see three plates on the either side of the bar (270) but I know that is not the same as 315 on a standard bar. Still nice though :)

Romainian Leg Curl

BW x 0 (5)
BW x 0 (3)
BW x 0 (2)
BW x 0

These are still kicking my ass, but I found a better position that allows my leg to work more effectively. With the more leverage I think I will get stronger faster on this movement.

Dumbbell Step Ups

35 x 12
45 x 10
55 x 8

I cut this day short cause I was tired.

Day Three : Back / Triceps

Narrow Grip Pull Down (supinated grip)

150 x 12
165 x 10
180 x 8
195 x 6

Machine Wide Row (unilateral)

65 x 12
75 x 10
80 x 8
85 x 8

Lateral Pull Down

105 x 12
120 x 10
135 x 6

I cut this day short cause I was really tired. All this tiredness is what prompted me to take last week off. Hopefully this week I will be energized. I am going to start moving some heavier weights. Keep it real, lift some steel.

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