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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Cyril Hanquez and Hugo Sombreireiro and Reto Aeberli and Steven Peeters and Guust Nieuwenhuis and Aurélien Deleusière and Damien Bruyndonckx
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Cyril Hanquez ( @Fitzchev ) Hugo Sombreireiro ( @hsombreireiro ) Reto Aeberli ( @aeberli ) Steven Peeters ( @aikisteve ) Guust Nieuwenhuis ( @Lagaffe ) Aurélien Deleusière ( @adeleusiere ) Damien Bruyndonckx ( @damienbkx )

Project HUGE: Building A Home Gym - Dips

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My home-gym adventure is really taking shape! I got the bench. I got the steel. The rack is on it's way (on some freight truck somewhere). Soon, I'll be able to move in just about every plane of motion, pushing and pulling. Well, almost. And that's where dips come into the picture. I love dips; always have. There's something beautifully carnal about them. And so, the the newest member of my iron family is the Body Solid GDIP59 Dip Station.


 Building a home gym - body solid dip station.  

The dip station came in five pieces and is held together by 8 heavy-duty bolds. Thanks to my ratchet-set (a must have for gym equipment), I think this took me maybe 10 minutes to put together. And it feels solid but, it's light enough to carry around.

Right now, I can only dip my body-weight (and full disclosure, I actually pulled my trap during my first set of dips on this thing - I still have a lot of muscular imbalances to work through). But, I know that in the not-too-distant future I'll be wanting to add some additional weight. So, I picked-up the Harbinger 28900 Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt.


 Building a home gym - body solid dip station.  


 Building a home gym - harbinger dip belt.  


 Building a home gym - harbinger dip belt.  


 Building a home gym - body solid dip station and harbinger weight belt.  

As of now, here's the current home gym inventory:

Subtotal: $650.05

Subtotal: $815.02

Subtotal: $237.6
Running Total: $1,702.67

Winter is coming... and if you need me, I'll be down in the gym!

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Thank you sir! I'm super excited about this all coming together. Yeah, I gotta do something about the walls. Not sure what just yet :)