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Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2011 (Cambridge, MA) with: Doug Neiner
Ben Nadel at the jQuery Conference 2011 (Cambridge, MA) with: Doug Neiner@dougneiner )

Angular Air Episode 15: Architecting Huge Angular Apps With Ben Nadel And Aaron Frost

By Ben Nadel on

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on the 15th episode of the videocast / podcast, Angular Air, with Aaron Frost, talking about architecting huge AngularJS applications. InVision App is a collection of large AngularJS applications that we've been building and maintaining since AngularJS 1.0.4. As you can imagine, it's been quite an interesting challenge both growing an application and an engineering team while Angular, as a framework and set of "best practices," is also changing all around us.


Angular Air episode 15 - Huge Angular apps Ben Nadel and Arron Frost.  

Watch on Google+: Architecting Huge Angular Apps with Ben Nadel

Watch on YouTube: Architecting Huge Angular Apps with Ben Nadel

The Angular Air show is available in both video and audio format. But, I tend to listen via iTunes when I walk the dog - I'm not one of those mutant super heroes that can listen to "words" and program at the same time. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I would definitely recommend it. They've recently switch to a "panel" format, which I think has been a positive move, bringing in a greater diversity of voices and opinions.

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