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Ben Nadel at CFCamp 2023 (Freising, Germany) with: Michael Wiesmeyr and Cynthia Ramos and Raphael Mürwald and Marcel Mayr and Joseph Pernerstorfer and Daniel Pötscher and Andreas Breit and Luccas Hansch and Roman Schick and Christian Immitzer
Ben Nadel at CFCamp 2023 (Freising, Germany) with: Michael Wiesmeyr Cynthia Ramos Raphael Mürwald Marcel Mayr Joseph Pernerstorfer Daniel Pötscher Andreas Breit Luccas Hansch Roman Schick Christian Immitzer

Shlomy Gantz Starts New York FLEX 2.0 User's Group

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Shlomy Gantz has just started an Adobe FLEX 2.0 user's group in New York City. Shlomy is a co-host of the NY ColdFusion User's Group and if it's anything like that, I can tell you right now that it will be top quality. Anyway, the first meeting is coming up next week so check it out:

The web site itself is done in FLEX 2.0 - which I think is a mistake - but it's a cool proof of concept. Nice look as well.

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