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Ben Nadel
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XStandard Support Weighs In On The Color Coding Issue

By Ben Nadel on

I have been working on color coding my code samples. Currently I keep the code samples in unordered lists. This gives me great control over the physical formatting (ie. line spacing, text wrapping, margins, etc), but makes color coding very difficult. Part of why I do this is because XStandard support suggested it. I also happen to feel that this is a fantastic way to handle it.

But, on the other hand, I WANT color coding. I figure I would run the problem by the XStandard people as they are the ones who had the original UL idea. They suggest, on output to page, converting the UL to PRE tags and then color coding that code (since it will have not other tags). I am currently messing around this idea, and I know that most of you out there use PRE tags... my problem is that it is just ganky. The line wrapping is less readable, the formatting is poor. I am not crazy about the PRE tags at all.

So, what to do?? Not sure just yet. I am fooling around with doing the PRE tags for my RSS feed and keeping the UL for my on-site display. The color coding itself is still not there though.

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