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Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Scott Pinkston
Ben Nadel at CFinNC 2009 (Raleigh, North Carolina) with: Scott Pinkston ( @spinkston )

Project HUGE: Deadlifting With WSF's Griptech Rubberized Lifting Straps

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After watching some of my Project HUGE videos on YouTube, someone from WSF - World Standard Fitness - contacted me and suggested that I might enjoy their new Griptech Rubberized Lifting Straps. Unlike ordinary lifting straps, these ones from WSF have a rubber layer on one side that adds additional friction between your fingers and the strap. This increase in the fiction coefficient allows you to maintain your position on the bar more effectively, even as your fingers get tired.


When I workout, my hands tend to get sweaty, so I was concerned that the perspiration would actually work to counteract the benefits of the rubber (seeing as the rubber cannot absorb the moisture). This is, to some degree, what happens with my other cloth-based straps; I've been using them for so long that one side is kind of permanently greasy and starts to get slick after the first or second set (yeah, I'm really just putting it all out there).

To my delight, even with sweaty hands, the rubberized grip on the WSF straps continued to deliver an increase in friction. My hands definitely felt more attached to the bar than with any of my other straps. In fact, it felt so good that I went far heavier on the deadlift than I probably should have - I haven't deadlifted heavy in months. But, no one got injured so it's all good.

Ben Nadel With WSF (World Standard Fitess) Griptech Rubberized Lifting Straps.  

In the video, you're seeing my second and third sets at 405lbs. My first set was 3 reps. Then I went to get my iPhone so I could document the latter two sets. My form wasn't great, which is why I tried to slow down in my 3rd set. Form aside, though, I definitely was able to go heavier than I expected; and, I definitely believe that is partially due to the grip on the straps.

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Good dead-lifting. What weight you at to be pulling over 400lbs?

Do you take any supplements or particular diet? That is some serious deadlifting.




Thanks my man. I typically hover between 215lbs and 220lbs... but I am not lean. I could stand to lose a good 10lbs of "unflexed muscle" :)

The only thing I take is my Whey Protein... and when I can remember, my daily vitamins. I have a pretty normal diet - nothing designed for the gym. Nothing too bad, either, I don't think.


Gotta keep those lats tight dude, too much rounding of the shoulders! Ha... j/k nice to see another programmer that lifts heavy weights. I am a powerlifter that also makes his living as a Ruby/Obj-C hacker.



It's a tough set of worlds to straddle! Sometimes, I get so into coding that I lose any desire to workout. Other times, I wish I could just go work out all the time and I can't stand to be at the computer. I wish I could keep it a bit more even keeled and steady.

Unfortunately, my workouts in the last few months have been super sad. I'm itching to get back into it with some seriousness!

That's cool that you're a power lifter. Do you compete at all?

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