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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Andy Weber and Gunnar Lieb and Thilo Hermann
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Andy Weber Gunnar Lieb ( @akitogo ) Thilo Hermann ( @thfusion_de )

Adding Numbers To Date/Time Values

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Ok ok, last SQL date/time post I swear. But, while testing my last entry idea, I realized you can add numbers to your date/time values. Wicked cool:

	-- Query for yesterday's date.
		getDate() - 1
	) AS yesterday,

	-- Query for tomorrow's date.
		getDate() + 1
	) AS tomorrow

Just note that this leaves in the TIME value as-is.

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Reader Comments


I have tried using date functions. But couldn't find exact.

The thing is if I type the date as such 24-08-2012 the output shd be 21-08-2012.
It shd be applicable for all the dates !!

Note : 3 days 4 hours and 22 minutes shd be included

I need the query for the scenario as its imp for one application.


hello ben,
I need to create one exercise by using the Date function. Please help me.
Jus needed a sample query so tat i can wrk it out


This was the question:

"If the day is (Mon/Wed/Fri) print 'Date is Mon/Wed/Fri' "

create procedure exe
@da_Yl date
select day=case DATEPART(DW,@da_Yl)
when '1'then 'na'
when '2'then 'monday'
when '3'then 'na'
when '4'then 'wednes'
when '5'then 'na'
when '6'then 'fri'
when '7'then 'na'

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