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Project HUGE: Huge In A Hurry - Get Big - Phase 2 / Week 3

By Ben Nadel on

I'm in my fourth week of Chad Waterbury's Huge In A Hurry program and unfortunately, things have gotten a little side-lined. I'm suffering from a pec strain in my left pec and what I believe has been aggravated with some sort of rotator cuff injury. I've started doing physical therapy for the pec, but I think I tried to make my rotator cuff muscles too beefy too fast (working with heavy weight for my external rotation). This pec strain and shoulder issue affects both my pushing and my pulling, so I am gonna let them rest for a while, erring on the side of recuperation. Hopefully, I can take this opportunity to start doing some cardio and concentrate on some leg sled and calve raises.

The last pushing movement I did was Standing Dumbbell (DB) Shoulder Press last week. This is a very awkward exercise for me. I am never sure where my arms are supposed to be exactly (more in the sagittal, frontal, or scapular planes of movement). I also find it to be very stressful on my neck and traps. Also, at the top of the movement, I find myself leaning back a bit in order to allow for an upward range of motion which puts an uncomfortable feeling on my spine.


I miss doing shoulder press in a seated position, which allows me to be doing more weight with more comfort (not a bad combination). But, the concept behind the standing press is that they require more muscle activation. Of course, when I have to lower the weight, I wonder where the line is drawn between breadth and depth of muscle activation. While this is an interesting question perhaps, I am determined to finish the Huge In A Hurry program as best as I can at least once before I decide to start modifying it too drastically.

The real issue I'm going to have in the next few weeks is the mental stress of not working out. Having that taken from me can be a very depressing situation. Here's to keeping the chin up and the mind focused!

Reader Comments

I feel your pain. Just easing back into some light lifting for chest and shoulders due to shoulder injuries. Good luck man, hopefully you can heal faster than I can!


Thank my man. I have physical therapy on Friday. I'll get the low-down on "best practices" from Tim. I better get better fast! ... otherwise, I have a tendency to jump the gun an injury myself worse :)


I've never actually performed a true Arnold movement before. I probably should one of these days, seeing as I'm a super huge fan of Schwarzenegger.

I've recently replaced "Ahnolds" for my pressing movement, since it (for me) requires I use less weight to get the form right. My shoulders seem to like it thus far.


It seems like a cool exercise because it moves through multiple plane of motion. But, I am not sure what you are saying exactly - that you do them now? Or you have stopped doing them?

Sorry, I meant that I am now doing the Arnold presses.

I had to stop doing heavy OH presses for awhile (military and push press) because apparently when I turned 30 my shoulder joints became those of a 9 yr old girl. (yes bitter)

As a pitcher in baseball, one of the scariest things I fear is the term "rotator cuff injury". You have to treat these with kid gloves. My strength coaches in high school and college worked on all us pitchers the same way - low weight and high reps are the key to not blowing them up (and you're not doing something as unnatural as the overhand throwing motion is to begin with).

Good luck in your rehab!


Thanks man. I just got has a long physical therapy session this morning. By the end, my shoulder felt completely dead. I just wanted to lean over and have my arm hang - everything else just felt uncomfortable :)

I hope that once this is all done, the little muscles around the shoulder are more balanced. Plus, I am depressed not being able to follow my program.


I think you have discovered the down side of training by video rather than with an experienced and qualified personal trainer. Why are you so driven to accomplish this in a hurry? That seems to me to be tempting injury and it worries me - for your sake.


The "Hurry" aspect of the program refers more to movement of the weight with no artificial slow down (meaning, if I am moving the weight slower than I could be, then I should be using heavier weight).

Ideally, I shouldn't be doing anything that my body cannot handle. I have been working up to weights over time. I assume that my injuries now are from years of imbalance that are now becoming more evident in the context of a well-rounded, intense program.

huge in a hury? why? why huge? meh...i don't understand...

p.s: at gym i do it faster and better with 2 pounds =))
you should try it :))

Sure your gym has 2lb weights, but you must look very careful, they are very small. If u still don't find them come in Bucharest...I borrow my gym pass :)


Trying! Went to physical therapy today. Was a bit disheartened. But, trying to rest up and do my rehab exercises.

That's a bummer man, just don't over-stress your legs now. If you keep lifting for lower body exercises and incorporate more cardio intervals. You might fu*k-up your knees also. How bad is the shoulder can you move it through entire ROM without weights? Have you tried some easy swimming?


My shoulder is feeling a bit better now. The ROM is not a big issue - I don't feel pain when I move the shoulder without weight. I think I actually hurt the shoulder doing rehap exercises for my chest, which has a bit of a funky twant to it near full contraction.

Just trying to take it easy; push parts that can be pushed and ease off on parts that need rest.