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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Emily Christiansen
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2011 (Minneapolis, MN) with: Emily Christiansen ( @egchristiansen )

Project HUGE: Huge In A Hurry - Get Ready - Week Two

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I just started week two of Chad Waterbury's, Get Ready phase of the Huge In A Hurry fitness program. The Get Ready phase of the program is designed to get you used to working out with Chad's suggested style: Moving heavy stuff fast and lighter stuff faster. Last week, when I began this phase, I think I definitely concentrated to much on the speed aspects of the movement. Meaning, I think I sacrificed weight in favor of speed (and at the expense of form at times). Now, there are going to be times during the program where you want to go lighter; but, my concern was that even on the heavy days (4-6 Rep Max days), I was picking weight that was too light for the Rep Max (RM) range. Only, I didn't realize this because at the speed I was trying to move it, it "felt" like a 4-6 RM (or rather, it was at 4-6 reps that my faster speed slowed down).

This week, as I enter week 2 of the Get Ready phase, I am trying to go a little heavier. Because of the heavier weights, I will have to move the weight slower; but, I think that my weight will be more RM-appropriate (ie. my selected weight will be more accurate for the Rep Maximum of the given day). While I understand that when we move weight fast, we can activate large motor units (the motor units capable of the greatest hypertrophy), I also believe that when I go heavy, I have to really go heavy to really hit those large motor units.

The following is what I did today:

Wide Row (Seated Pulley)

  • 90 x 6
  • 100 x 5
  • 100 x 5
  • 100 x 5
  • 100 x 4

Notes: Felt good to go heavier today. Switched over to wide pulley row.


  • 100 x 6
  • 100 x 5
  • 100 x 5
  • 100 x 6
  • 100 x 4

Squat (Split DB)

  • 60 x 6
  • 70 x 5
  • 75 x 5
  • 75 x 4
  • 75 x 5

Notes: Grip giving out first!! Need straps next time.

I went heavier today on both wide cable pulley row and split squats. On split squats, I feel like I could have gone heavier, but my grip was giving out on the second leg. On dips, I didn't go heavier, but I did start off at the heavier weight rather than working up to 100. I really liked the way the heavier weight felt; and although it was heavier, I still tried to move it as fast as I was able to.

I'll see how this methodology workouts out for the rest of the week.

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I couldn't keep my form standing. I couldn't provide enough resistance without leaning back too much. With the seated row (with wide grip), I have my feet to brace me in place. I think it allows me to concentrate on the rowing action and not on the standing aspect.

There are plenty of exercises where I can worry about full-chain pulling (ie. Dead lifts, cleans, etc.).


Ah ok. I figured it was something like that.

I just started the program this week. The standing rows are very awkward. I thought about switching to the seated rows, but I like the concept of the standing row.

I did the 2nd workout of get ready today and those deadlifts are just brutal.

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