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Ben Nadel at Hal Helms' Real World OO (Feb. 2009) with: Steve Good ( @stevegood ) Joakim Marner Charlie Griefer ( @charliegriefer ) Ezra Parker

XStandard - Unable To Process License File

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As you may know, I use XStandard as my WYSIWYG editor of choice. In my eyes, it just puts the other editors to shame. It has its down sides, but none that make it less that attractive. Anyway, I've been using it happily for a few years now and then out of no where, I started getting this error:

Unable to process license file. Please contact your System Administrator.

I didn't change anything on my computer, that I know of. I contacted support (which continues to respond with superior promptness) and they suggested that a security setting changed on my computer and was preventing the license file from being loaded. They said that this was sometimes an issue with computers still running version 1.0 of the XStandard editor (which I was). They recommended that I upgraded to the current version (v2.0).

And, so, I downloaded the new editor and the new license file and two minutes later everything was working perfectly. Moral of the story, if you get the same error, try upgrading to the latest version.

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I guess becaz of these following reasons.

1. May be you would have upgraded the editor.
2. Licence is not matching.
3. Licence would have expired.




The editor had definitely not upgraded; v1.0 and v2.0 have a very different look and feel and an accidental upgrade would have been noticed. Also, my license was set not to expire. Furthermore, the XStandard support walked me through some back-and-forth and had me try pointing my XStandard license URL to the C:\ drive version. This also did not work which signaled to them that it was some sort of permissions issue.

I know that I came in last week and my computer had automatically restarted. This usually happens when a critical update has been installed (I believe), so its likely that Windows Update changed something on my computer to be more secure in a way that XStandard was not programmed to deal with.

If you are having problems, I would definitely get in touch with their support - great guys.


Hi Ben,

I agree with you. Xstandard didn't deal this kind of issue.. hope they'll fix it shortly.

Now i have been facing the same issue,

Luckily for me i have a local XAMPP server and pointed the license key to C:\foldername\license.txt it was working fine.

But the same if I moved my code for one of my stage server (LAMP) it's refusing.. and started working as Xstandard Lite. Though i am having proper license key.. :(

May be tomorrow i'll get in touch with Xstandard Support Guys..

Thank you once again for your moral support.,




No problem. I have yet to have a problem that the XStandard support team could not get me through. Good luck.


Glad the problem is fixed but curious if you don't mind my asking, why did you not upgrade before this?

I not the first in line to get the new releases but I do like to get the latest and best available versions of the products that I like and use regularly. Just wondering if there was a reason you didn't want to upgrade?




I thought my web services would break with the new version. I am not sure why I thought that, but somehow that idea got stuck in my head. As it turns out, that is totally inaccurate. The existing web services work just fine with v2.0.


Hi All!

As I have been recently working on improving my blog, I have faced one really important issue with regards to displaying the posts which contain some sample


Here's more info:

I want enable members to post some sample code. To prevent browsers from interpreting it as the code i used <pre> sample code ... </pre>

However < > tags within <pre> and </pre> must be changed to < (<) and > (>).

I thought I may use REReplaceNoCase(postContent,"<","<","ALL") and REReplaceNoCase(postContent,">",">","ALL") but as I use wysiwyg editor - using

REReplaceNoCase changes all <> tags including <p>,<br /> etc applied in wysiwyg.

Is there anyway that I can find all < > within <pre></pre>(if any) and change them to
< and > leaving rest of the content (tags such as <p><br>)


Please correct me if this is not a right way of thinking.

I cannot use worrdpress as it does not fully meet my requirements.

I know Wordpress use tag <code> ... </code> to display code sample and it's even more weird as it also alows to include <br> tags between the code lines, so

i guess there must be different ways to do so.

Any ideas?


Obviously cannot use <xmp> for obvious reason



You can grab out the PRE tag content, then scan it and replace its content for the appropriate data. Rather than just doing a straight up REReplace(), you are gonna need to pull out the PRE content first so that you can limit the changes (much more easily) to this content.

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