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Ben Nadel at InVision Office 2012 (New York City) with: Bill Nourse
Ben Nadel at InVision Office 2012 (New York City) with: Bill Nourse ( @webtimeclock )

Getting Back on the Horse

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I finally got off my butt and made a doctors appointment for my shoulder. Turns out there is a doctor, Dr. Stark, right over here at Chelsea Piers that does sports medicine and has an in-house physical therapist AND is covered by my health insurance. Jackpot! So I just got back from my first visit with the doctor. He doesn't see any red flags. No need for any injections, x-rays, or surgery (at this point). He thinks it just a weakness in the shoulder that the physical therapist will be able to address. Awesome. I like things to work out nicely (fingers crossed).

But... I was in the examining room with my shirt off, sitting on the table (how flattering is sitting), with horrible light, and seeing myself in the mirror almost made me nauseous. I need to get a full length mirror at home to see the full extent of my foray into extreme out-of-shape-edness. Oh may god! Something has to be done. Hopefully when I get back into the gym things can start to tighten up again. But oh man, it was not pretty.

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