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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Mike Oliver
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2009 (Lansdowne, VA) with: Mike Oliver

Sex And The City Movie Staring Sarah Jessica Parker

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Last night, I went to see the Sex And The City movie staring Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes). I am a big Sex and The City fan and I've enjoyed watching those four girls gallivant around New York City for the past 10 years. As a fan of the show, I have to say that I was excited but at the same time, very skeptical about the movie. In my experience, I have often found that the leap from the television screen to the silver screen is a very hard leap for a show to make; when you take a half hour or one hour show and wrap it up in a two hour movie, it tends to be either too thin, playing to fans and non-fans alike, or it comes off feeling too much like a longer-than-usual episode.


Sex And The City Movie Poster Starring Sarah Jessica Parker  

I am happy to say that, despite my skepticism, the Sexy And The City movie turned out to be really good. It had all the fun and laughs and sexiness from the show, but it really took the audience through a journey that only a movie can give you. I laughed, I choked up, I had a great time. One of the things that I have always loved about the show was that, despite its suggestive title, the subject matter was always much deeper than the carnal; it dealt with relationships and love; with heart throb and heart break; with all the curves that life can throw at you and the friendships that carry you through it all. The movie had all this and it had something more - closure. It definitely leaves you feeling satisfied with all the story lines. Not that it won't leave you wanting more - it will - but at least it will leave you feeling satisfied.


Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes) From Sex And The City Movie  

I know I don't need to say this, but anyone who is a fan of the show should definitely check out the movie. It's just a lot of fun.

On a personal, somewhat off-topic note, it was really nice to see Sarah Jessica Parker padding around in her traditional, full-bottomed under wear. I find so many woman today gravitate to these low-rise panties, thongs, and micro g-strings, that it's so refreshing to see a woman like Parker be able to take a pair of underwear, that I think is held in such a negative light in today's "hip" society, and make it look really hot. Sarah Jessica Parker's character has always dressed more conservitavely throughout the years, and I believe that she even had it in her contract that she would never have to do nude or sex scenes. And you know what, it's never taken away from the richness or attractiveness of a character. Just throwing that out there.


Sarah Jessica Parker In Sex And The City Movie  

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I think that a man that can admit enjoying a girl flick is EXTREMELY SEXY! to bad not enough men are men enough to admit, that they do enjoy these types of movies. Too bad cause chicks totally dig that!



I am surprised that it is getting only a 5/10 on the IMDB. Although, when you think about the country, I guess its not that surprising. Afterall, the country is fairly conservative, especially when you leave the coasts and Sex and the City is a relatively risqué show. I'm sure that the majority of people around don't want to even think what these girls are talking about.

I can tell you that in NYC, which is an extremely forward thinking area, it got a clapping ovation in my showing as well as other showings (as I am told by friends of mine).


Now that's what I'm talkin' bout :)


Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it


My wife and I both absolutely hated this movie. We then realized we were used to the more watchable "PG" version that appears on TBS or whatever. Oddly enough we never watched it until it hit syndication.

It did feel like a 2-hour episode, which is fine. If it tried to be more it would have been even worse. However, I'm still not sure I understand the point of introducing a new character in Jennifer Hudson felt forced and just didn't fit at all to me.



While I liked the movie, I agree with the Jennifer Hudson comment. Adding a new character for the movie did feel odd.

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