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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Chaz Chumley
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: Chaz Chumley ( @chazchumley )

Desire to Learn, No Time

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I am in the middle of another mini learning crisis. It's about time. Always about time. There are a billion things I need to learn and only 24 hours in a day and only a few of those are waking hours it feels like. When do you people get your learn on? The frameworks? The open source applications? I don't have time at work. I don't have time out side of work. Seriously, when do you all do it?

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I manage by staying up way past my bed time. Long after the wife and kids have gone to bed. It's probably not the smartest thing to do but I can go to bed at 2-3am in the morning, if I want to and be up at 7am to be at work by 8am. I make up for the lack of sleep during the week by sleeping in extra on the weekend, mostly Saturday. Of course if you're married, like me, you'll require a spouse who will let you sleep in knowing you need to and not complain about it. That may be too tall of an order for some people lol.


Also if you read, try letting the spouse drive while you check out your book. The misses and I travel a lot, mostly due to family and usually we're not very close to our destinations. I drive like 90% of the time we're together but if I have something I'd like to check out, I say honey it's your turn.

I always take a book anywhere else I might be going if I know it will have a wait time. I had a trip to the doctors the other day, brought my book with me. Out here where I'm at you could easily wait to be seen for 1-2 hours commonly. Great excuse to catch up on something.

I also find it easy to write code or concepts on paper in short hand, that I will understand later. Lunch break, smoke break, wherever you might have a few minutes away but not be near a computer. Instead of sitting down when you have the time and trying to code whatever you've been thinking about, you'll save yourself some time by being to create an avenue for you to just jump in by already having started with the paper.

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