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Ben Nadel at Angular 2 Master Class (New York, NY) with: Christoph Burgdorf
Ben Nadel at Angular 2 Master Class (New York, NY) with: Christoph Burgdorf ( @cburgdorf )

Balancing Strength In The Body

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I just read a very cool article by Brad Kaczmarski over on Testosterone Nation. It goes over anecdotal evidence of how to determine whether your body is balanced between the various strength exercises you perform. The premise is that you pick a base exercise, such as the deadlift, and see how many reps you can do at given weight (ex. 5 reps at 315 lbs). Then, you calculate the weight you can do at that same number of reps for other exercises based on varying percentages of the deadlift weight.

NOTE: Content removed at the request of the author, Brad Kaczmarski.

Brad Kaczmarski does the same thing for different baseline exercises: Back Squat, Bench Press, Front Squat, Close-Grip Bench Press, and Barbell Curls. I think the numbers all work out to be the same; it just allows you to examine it from different exercises.

Reader Comments


While I appreciate you liking my article I wish you have would have contacted me about posting my information or put a link up to T-Nation instead. My information is copyrighted so I am requesting that you remove my percentages and instead turn it into a link to the original article. Also, I have a patent pending on the calculator, percentages and all related concepts, you put up. Since you put up a calculator that doesn't list, I would appreciate it if you removed that. Thanks you.

-Brad Kaczmarski



My apologies. I was just reviewing the information and frankly, giving you praise as I think it was a most excellent article and a way to determine balance in the body. I did not mean to infringe on any of your intellectual property.

It will be removed. Keep up the good work over at T-Nation!


Thank you. I appreciate they compliments and I'm glad you enjoyed the content. I hope you can find it useful and don't be bothered by the fact that you deadlift may not be up to par anymore using the formula. As you stated, if you haven't trained it in a while, you can't expect it to be even and that's ok. Thanks again.

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