For Better: Love Scale Quiz By Dr. Hatkoff

As discussed in my blog post.

Answer either True or False to each of the 50 questions below. Even if you don't feel that a particular question applies to you, you must answer either True or False.

  1. I believe that love at first sight is possible.
  2. The first time we kissed or rubbed cheeks, I felt a definite genital response - lubrication, erection.
  3. We kissed each other soon after we met because we both wanted to.
  4. Usually the first thing that attracts my attention to a person is his or her pleasing physical appearance.
  5. At the first touch of his or her hand, I knew that love was a real possibility.
  6. Before I ever fell in love, I had a pretty clear physical picture of what my true love would look like.
  7. I like the idea of having the same kind of clothes, hands, plants, bicycles, cars, etc. as my lover does.
  8. I did not realize that I was in love till I had actually be in for some time.
  9. You cannot have love unless you have first had caring for a while.
  10. I still have good friendships with almost everyone with whom I have ever been involved in a love relationship.
  11. The best kind of love grows out of a long friendship.
  12. The best part of love is living together, building a home together, and rearing children together.
  13. Kissing, cuddling, and sex shouldn't be rushed; they will happen naturally when one's intimacy has grown enough.
  14. It is hard to say exactly when we fell in love.
  15. The best love relationships are the ones that last the longest.
  16. When things aren't going right for us, my stomach gets upset.
  17. When my love affairs break up, I get so depressed that I have even though of suicide.
  18. Sometimes, I get so excited about being in love that I can't sleep.
  19. When my lover doesn't pay attention to me, I feel sick all over.
  20. When I am in love, I have trouble concentrating on anything else.
  21. I cannot relax if I suspect that my lover is with someone else.
  22. Even though I don't want to be jealous, I cannot help it when my lover pays attention to someone else.
  23. At least once, when I thought a love affair was all over, I saw him or her again and the old feeling came surging back.
  24. If my lover ignores me for a while, I sometimes do really stupid things to try and get his or her attention back.
  25. From a practical point of view, I must consider what a person it going to become in life before I commit myself to loving him or her.
  26. It makes good sense to plan your life carefully before you choose a lover.
  27. It is best to love someone with a similar background to yours.
  28. A main consideration in choosing a lover is how he or she reflects on my family.
  29. A main consideration is choosing a partner is whether or not he or she will be a good parent.
  30. I couldn't truly love anyone I would not be willing to marry.
  31. I wouldn't date anyone that I wouldn't want to fall in love with.
  32. A main consideration in choosing a partner is in how he or she will reflect on one's career.
  33. Before getting very involved with anyone, I try to figure out compatible his or her hereditary background is with mine in case we ever have children.
  34. It is always a good idea to keep your lover a little uncertain about how committed you are to him or her.
  35. Part of the fun of being in love is testing one's skill at keeping it going and getting what one wants from it at the same time.
  36. As far as my lover goes, what he or she doesn't know about me won't hurt him or her.
  37. I have, at least once, had to plan carefully to keep two of my lovers from finding out about each other.
  38. I can get over love affairs pretty easily and quickly.
  39. I enjoy flirting with attractive people.
  40. My lover would get upset if he or she knew some of the things I've done with other people.
  41. It would be fun to see whether I could get someone to go out with me even if I don't want to get involved with that person.
  42. I try to use my own strength to help my lover through difficult times even when he or she is behaving foolishly.
  43. I would rather suffer myself than let my lover suffer.
  44. I cannot be happy unless I place my lover's happiness before my own.
  45. When I break up with someone, I go out of my way to see that he or she is OK.
  46. I am usually willing to sacrifice my own wishes to let my lover achieve his or hers.
  47. If my lover had a baby by someone else, I would want to raise it, love it, and care for it as if it were my own.
  48. I would rather break up with my lover than stand in his or her way.
  49. Whatever I own is my lover's to use as he or she chooses.
  50. When my lover doesn't see or call me for a while, I assume that he or she has a good reason.