ColdFusion 8 Testing by Kinky Solutions / Ben Nadel

Now that ColdFusion 8 is out, I need a place to play until my production server is also powered by ColdFusion 8. Seeing as I have no control over when that happens, this will be that play ground :)

ColdFusion 8 Demos And Examples

jQuery + ColdFusion 8 = Erotic Poetry

This uses jQuery to allow users to drag and drop little word magnets on a canvas. Once the images are in place, the user can generate a final PNG image of the canvas using ColdFusion 8's CFImage and image related functionality.

Added August 30, 2007

ImageDrawTextArea() User Defined Function

This user defined function adds features to the text drawing abilities of ColdFusion 8. In addition to the ImageDrawText() function, this UDF also allows users to define text wrapping boundries, left, center, and right alignment, as well as the line height. The code behind this user defined function can be found here.

Added September 28, 2007