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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: James Allen
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: James Allen@CFJamesAllen )

Florida Coldfusion Developer Opportunity

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Job Information

Florida Coldfusion Developer Opportunity
Job Type:
Full Time
Cocoa, FL
You've probably heard statements like this before, but we really are looking for a unique person. See if any of these sound like you:

(1) You have a current and comprehensive background developing Coldfusion / SQL / query applications. A minimum of 3 years is preferred and more experience is even MORE preferred. If you are experienced with Wordpress development, Adobe Creative Suite and iOS and Android apps, that's an even BIGGER plus. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't have the these minimums, but you are sure we REALLY NEED to interview you because you are "JUST THAT GOOD", then please apply anyway ... like we could stop you anyway! :-)

(2) You have the desire to experience the "joy & delight" of helping with the explosive rebirth of a legendary company (see below).

(3) You think that working for an excellent small company based on the east coast of sunny Florida (we are in Cocoa), developing Coldfusion / SQL / Jquery applications sounds like a dream job.

(4) You are a great communicator with both clients and teammates and absolutely HATE drama in the workplace.

(5) You think that taking over many of the development responsibilities of the founding software architect and then helping to guide the ongoing and future development of a 15 year old Coldfusion core product like it's "your baby" also sounds amazing. FYI - Our lead architect isn't leaving, there's simply way to much for any one human to do.

(6) You want your work and contribution to be properly valued by those you work with to the absolute maximum extent, just like you've always felt your work and efforts should be valued.

(7) You are willing to work with minimal supervision and can quickly earn the trust of those you work with.

(8) You don't expect the company to provide you a huge safety net, but you are able to properly code and stand behind your work.

(9) You look forward to help the company change to newer, better and best practices and building a world class product.

(10) You said yes to many or all of the above items, but also want to make sure - that as the company achieves even greater success as a result of your efforts - you'll receive commensurate financial recognition ... in other words, you'll get paid for the experience and value you bring and there's LOTS of upside.

Here's the scoop. We've been a CF shop since Version 1. In the ensuing 20+ years, we've served with over 30,000 customers. We were focused almost completely around the real estate market segment and growing rapidly. However, starting in 2006, we hit a brick wall when real estate in general cratered.

Since we'd built our business on a solid recurring revenue model, we survived "the crash" and since 2105, we've been steadily growing again. Recently, we have been fortunate to have some significant new opportunities that are causing us to expand our development team and YOU just could be our next hire.

That's it for now, but if you are interested, don't wait, because we WILL be filling this position quickly.

Thanks for your interest and to Ben for bringing us together!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please add a link to your resume or CV in your reply for immediate consideration.

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