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Ben Nadel
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Best Windows Inspired Tattoo Ever

By Ben Nadel on

My main man, Si, just forwarded me this link featuring the best Windows-inspired tattoo, perhaps ever:


Fatal Exception Tattoo  


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Reader Comments

Both tattooist and client get my fullest respect.

that is by far the best humourous tattoo iv ever seen.

this could even be the defining tattoo of this generation....

but that just my opinion...

fof what its worth...


wow, just wow. too many words for a tat in my opinion, but you could fill the rest with blue to finish it up. do you enjoy getting that though? i mean whenever see those words things around me end up breaking.

My question: Did he just copy the memory address where the error occurred from the first screen shot he found, or did he actually have some reason for choosing the address in question?