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Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (May. 2008) with: Michael Dinowitz
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (May. 2008) with: Michael Dinowitz@mdinowitz )

Downloading PDFs Of The ColdFusion Developer's Journal

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion

I just found out that you could download the ColdFusion Developer's Journal issues as PDFs. I am probably like a million years behind everyone on this, but I was reading a blog entry this last week about the video ads on CFDJ (sorry, I cannot remember which blog) and someone commented that you hate the video ads, you could just download the PDFs directly:

ColdFusion Developer's Journal PDFs

This is way cool! Thanks for pointing this out (I really with I could remember where I read this.)


Girl Reading ColdFusion Developer's Journal PDF  

Reader Comments

That what was not intentional? Having the PDFs downloadable? Do you think I should take this post down??? I don't want to exploit some mistake someone made.

err... my previous comment was in response to ray.

fwiw, i don't believe it is intentional either. i think it'd significantly cut down on the amount of print subscriptions if folks could just download pdfs.

and now that (from what i understand) the CFDJ is going digital only... that much more likely that this is an oversight.

@charlie et al, regarding cutting down on print subscriptions, I believe the only subscription option is PDF and that print is no longer available since sometime earlier this year...

"1-Year Digital Edition .PDF subscription for 12 issues $99
2-Year Digital Edition .PDF subscription for 24 issues $129"

Hmm - as an ex-subscriber, I keep getting emails from Sys-con prompting me to download the PDFs, but I seem to have to register each month.


Due to their signup page I was also under the impression that they were PDF only, making the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update the only print ColdFusion magazine/journal. We asked Simon and said that they're still doing print.
Of course, I have not gotten a print issue in a while, but....

Used to be able to get a print version of CFDJ at a B&N near where I used to work. Disappeared from the shelves about 5 years ago or so. At that price, I refuse to buy a subscription if I can't preview the issue at the newstand - not every issue has articles of interest for me.

The PDF directory on Sys-Con has never been secure - not ever, and Sys Con have been made aware of it numerous times - they simply don't care.

I think that PDF format is the best format. You can easily read your favorit magazin, or any other text.