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Ben Nadel
It's not enough; but, not enough is better than nothing.
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Jan. 2010) with: Jorge Hassan and Steven Benjamin
Ben Nadel at the New York ColdFusion User Group (Jan. 2010) with: Jorge Hassan and Steven Benjamin

Novedex XT Testosterone Booster And Anti-Aromatase

By Ben Nadel on

I recently finished my first bottle of Novedex XT by Gaspari Nutrition. As I have been hitting the gym hard lately, I figured I would try to maximize the effort by adding some new supplementation to the mix. Novedex XT is advertised as working on two different fronts; on one hand, it increases the body's natural Testosterone levels; then, on other hand, it prevents the aromatization of Testosterone (the pathway by which the enzyme, Aromatase, converts Testosterone into Estrogen).


Novedex XT by Gaspari Nutrition  

How this product, or any other product, goes about increasing the body's testosterone is simply beyond me; I'm sure that, like many other testosterone boosters and pro-hormones, it's providing some sort of pre-test material that the body will then convert to testosterone. I'm simply taking that part on faith. What's very interesting to me, though, is the anti-aromatase properties. See, the body loves to stay in what is called Homeostasis - a balance of all things. There are a billion and one feedback mechanism in the human machine and one of them controls the delicate balance between testosterone and estrogen (and yes, both men and woman produce both testosterone and estrogen). As the body gets feedback signals that it has too much testosterone or not enough estrogen, it triggers the enzyme aromatase to start converting testosterone into estrogen so as to maintain this balance. By using an anti-aromatase, it should, theoretically, allow the levels of free testosterone to build up in my body by overriding the body's ability to maintain homeostasis.

Now, I know what you're thinking - Doesn't it seem unnatural to override the body's ability to maintain homeostasis? Sure, maybe it is. Of course, it's only for a short while and then you stop taking it and you let the body level out again. The hope is by that time, you've already managed to put on some muscle.

So, has it worked? It's always tough to say. I'm about half way through the cycle and I am certainly feeling bigger and stronger than I was two months ago. Of course, in addition to taking Novedex XT, I'm also working out more consistently and with more enthusiasm, and I've been eating better. So, I'd say that any of those things alone would probably make me feel bigger and stronger. I certainly do feel a tightness in my chest and my arms (the good kind, not the heart attack kind). I think it is working, and heck, even if it's totally mental, I'll take that. I think placebo effects and mental trickery get a bad rap, but at the end of the day, if it gets you closer to your goals, it can't be a bad thing.

Reader Comments

Interesting stuff.

I'd be interested to know exactly how much of an effect it has on circulating hormone levels.

From my medical education (I'm a med student, and just passed my endocrine/hormones examination), I'd like something that (if I wanted to bulk up):

a) Raise testosterone.
b) Keep estrogen normal.
c) Raise growth hormone (but not too much).

I'm sure you know all the good things that testosterone does, but estrogen is really important too (as a weightlifting male). Obviously you don't want too much, or you'll grow breasts and start lactating, but... It's real important for stuff like (in normal dose - high dose can do the opposite):

Metabolizing fat
Vertical growth (I think this is why women are often taller than men in 7th grade or so - although too much estrogen stops growth)
Builds/maintains bone
Increase HDL, decrease LDL (very important)
Increases growth hormone

Those are all really awesome things, so I'd be wary of a product that will reduce estrogen levels.


I was not aware that Estrogen did so many good things. Not to say that I thought it was a bad hormone - they all play a key role in some respect in the body; but, certainly, I was not aware that it affected things like vertical growth, HDL, and metabolizing fat. I did know that estrogen therapy helped some women fight osteoporosis, so the bone maintenance makes sense.

I ended up getting this supplement after first reading about it in Muscular Development. Here is the mention that it gets in the magazine:

Testosterone is vital for increasing muscle mass and strength. Researchers from the Drew Medical College in Los Angeles showed that muscle hypertrophy occurred in direct proportion to testosterone levels in blood. Many athletes take anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength, but steroids are illegal, have side effects, and are prohibited in many sports. Supplement makers have tried to fill the gap by marketing "steroid alternatives." Novedex XT is a popular supplement sold as an aromatase inhibitor that prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Researchers from Baylor University, led by Darryn Willoughb, found that supplementing with Novedex XT (4 capsules; 72mg per day) for eight weeks increased total testosterone, free testosterone, dehydrodtestosterone and the testosterone:estrogen ratio, and decreased body fat. It didn't completely block aromatization of testosterone to estrogen and had no effect on PSA (prostate-specific antigen, a measure of prostate enlargement and cancer). Novedex ST appears to be an effective supplement for bodybuilders searching for a steroid alternative or for steroid users who want to boost testosterone levels or prevent gynecomastia (breast development). (International Journal Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, 17:92-108, 2007)

Of course, you can find a study to justify just about anything, but there's something about the MD articles that feel impartial. Often times, they say that the studies mentioned do not indicate anything or that more research is needed before any conclusions can be made (but that's neither here nor there).

That sucks about the increase in dehydrodtestosterone - isn't that the testosterone that's responsible for male patter baldness :(

Yeah - it sounds like something that would work well, assuming the ratio is basically increased testosterone with normal estrogen.

It's probably not a bad idea to get your HDL levels checked though - You wanna get 'em as high as possible, especially if you have any family history of heart problems (stroke/heart attack).

And yes, DHT is a culprit in baldness (but its still important to have).


I'm aiming to get a physical next week or the following. Definitely want to check my blood levels and just make sure that I am healthy all around. Also need to check my eyes - I think staring at a computer screen all day might be making them go bad :(

Novedex xt does not contain any material that is pre-test, u should do some real research if u were eating and lifting hard takign the novedex some creatine and 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a large protein shake after workout and before bed and pushing ursself in the gym everyday ud no doubt know that this product works its not hard to tell. Look ive had blood tests done while on this product and my testosterone was off the charts to make a long story short! Anti-aromatase boosts testosterone its a proven fact.


I had some blood work done not so long ago, while still on the Novedex XT. My Testosterone levels were high and I had some elevated liver activity. I was at the end of my cycle, though, and am going back for more blood tests in about a week or so.

I definitely feel like I was able to put on a bit of size while taking this stuff. I feel like it did work.

My libido definitely bottomed out, even though my testosterone was high. Once I went off the Novedex, I felt a resurgence in my sex drive.

yeah, I agree with the above comment -- when you are on the initial cycle, you feel great, the best thing since sliced bread. When you come off it, the libido falls to a low level. It definitely increases test, no doubt about that. Will make you do stuff you normally wouldn't do so you have to be careful with it. It also disrupts my sleep pattern.

It's very interesting to read everyone's comments on Novedex XT. I am actually going out to buy it this weekend. Someone I know mentioned the product to me today. They told me that it would help me with my goals to gain lean muscle and the added bonus for my wife was that it would increase my sex drive.


I have heard both things about the sex drive. For me, it basically shut down. But that's ok - I felt like it was working from a muscle building standpoint and blood tests did show that my testosterone levels were high. As with all things, there is balance, and while taking it, my priority was more set on muscle.


Thanks! I just got back from GNC, where I purchased Novadex. The gentleman that I spoke to there informed me that Novadex was to be used, as far as he has known people to use it, as an off cycle product. He has never know anyone to use it any other way. I am not using it as an off cycle product. Did you use it on its own or as an off cycle product?


Eric & Ben,

I would think that Novedex XT would be referred to as Off-Cycle for Halodrol Liquigels, which are Gaspari Nutrition's other supplement which increases baseline testosterone levels. I believe they recommend using this to cushion the fall in testosterone levels from cessation of the other product.

I've been taking the liquigels for about 6 weeks now. I'm leaner bigger and my muscles feel denser. I have not been taking creatine, just eating more smaller meals and using Muscle Milk Light for meal replacement of the snacks in the new eating schedule.

I also have been travelling a bit for work, so I've continued my supplement and eating pattern but at reduced calories since I wasn't hitting the gym. During my extended rest times I felt my muscles getting denser and my body continuing to put on good weight.

I would definitely say my libido has been higher on cycle with the liquigels, though I have read accounts online where that isn't the case. Though that wasn't my intent for taking halodrol, it wasn't unwelcome. I stopped exercising in the gym or for sports about 8 years ago, and had since put on a good 70 lbs of fat working insane hours in a cubicle. I read every so often about higher body fats promoting higher estrogen levels. I figured the supplements might help me turn that around before shedding the fat.

I've since taken 3 inches off my waist without losing a single pound. I didn't use any thermogenics, just protein and halodrol liquigels. Another fringe benefit is the increased confidence that comes with higher testosterone levels and looking fitter is that I can put that libido to work.

Now I'm going off-cycle with the liquigels, and have six weeks in town with access to the gym and I'm thinking of taking an antiaromatase and GAKIC (fatigue toxin inhibitor), adding a thermogenic (green tea extract aka caffeine), and of course protein supplements.

I'm fairly certain that its not a placebo effect, since my libido responded the next morning after taking the supplement, and I was a skeptic so I don't think the placebo effect applies.

Sorry for the really long post, maybe I need to start a blog or something.

Other Dave

@Other Dave,

I am glad to hear that you are seeing some good results taking what you're taking. As someone who sits in front of a computer all day, I certainly know that being fit becomes much harder when you sit still for hours on end. Three inches off your waist is awesome! I am sure you will keep the success going.

I commend the majority of you for attempting to be scientific in your approach to supplementation. As you all know, there are few if any gold standard clinical trials for these non-FDA approved "foods" and "supplements".

For myself, there is only one way to validate the biological claims, such as raises testosterone: baseline blood test for men (as in ZRT Labs home based kit - $270 {and no, I am not a ZRT shill - they just have the best kits at the best price and save me doctor fees}.

I recommend a retest every three months, but, ONLY adding one supplement at a time. For example, I took Dr, Ray Shahelian's LJ100 supplement that is supposed to raise Test. After two months, baseline statistically no change. Now back to the blood test costs. That is for the comprehensive Male Panel. The Test only is a little bit less. However, when dealing with supplements that can range from a cost of $30 to $120/ month EACH, I'd rather spend the $ on a confirmation test than pee / poo money down the drain. Cheers!

Bruce & Ben,

Bruce - Thanks for your experiences on testosterone booster. I went out about a month ago ad purchased Novadex XT. I was excited on the path I was about to take. This was going to be my first venture on something like this. About a week and half into the cycle, I broke my arm while roller blading in a skate park. You can imagine my despair when I had to stop taking the supplement because I had to take a break from lifting until my arm had time to heal. I just recently had the cast removed and will be going back to the gym on Monday, 6/30.

I look forward to getting back on the supplement, but now I have a about a two and a half week supply versus a 4 week supply. Then I will stay off for the month and then start over, atleast that is what I am planning on doing. There is no sense in buying a new bottle just to take it for one week to complete a month of consumption.

I'm still a little disappointed because I was looking a doing a full cycle but I guess part of a cycle is better than not having one at all.


Get well soon, and thx for the reply. I sent Gaspari a specific request for info about their products and their disclaimer "do not use if take medications." Their reply was "no comment due to legal concerns".

Just think, if we all followed Gaspari's no supplements on meds policy, there would be no supplement industry...=:[email protected]


Sorry to hear about your arm. That totally sucks. I know what's its like to injure yourself to the point where you cannot work out and I have gotten very depressed in such situations. Good luck getting back into it.

Hi everyone

Well, i recently hired an online coach to help me get in shape. This guy is an experienced npc level competitive bodybuilder. He seems very knoledgeable and he said that, through my progress pics, estrogen is high in my body. He noticed that the lower pecs have been leaning out slower than the rest of the body and he has suggested me to take the NOVEDEX from Gaspari Nutrition to help lower estrogen and clear up the lower pecs. I asked him if it was safe and he insists that it is perfectly fine and he insists me to give it a shot. I would be using the stuff at the minimum 2 caps per night dose for 4-6 weeks. Now, here is where I need some help. I am 24 rs old, 5-9, at 202 lbs. and want to know what is your opinion on the subjec, would it be safe for me to use it?? Ive never used any kind of AI or test boosters whatsoever. My main concern is hdt and hairloss. I have not had problems or signs of hairloss as of now; my mother and brothers do not have hairloss problems at all but my father is bald so i dont know how much does that affect me. Also, is the stuff harsh on the liver??
Thanks a lot for any further help. Peace

A couple of thoughts.
My personal experience:

1) Most of your "look" is a function of genetics. While lifestyle, etc. can make a big difference, NO ONE can tell you what a supplement will or will not do for you. MOST of the supplement / fitness industry to a hoax, as many, many advertising schemes. These have been, and will continue to be, originated or run by very clever people whose SOLE GOAL is to separate us "sheeple" [which up until a few years ago, included me), from our money.

For example, I looked very carefully into the research chemistry - including the U.S. Patent Office ( of every ingredient listed on Gaspari's Haladrol Liquigels. Synergisms and other b.s. aside, there is not one gold standard (double-blind, randomized, placebo based clinical testing) to substantiate any of Gaspari's marketing hype. Furthermore, in very small print, buried in one of Gaspari's last documents, is such a disclaimer.

Another example. It is a well established fact that the famous "six-pack abs" will only appear for men, when approaching a 5% or less total body fat composition "IF" the man has good underlying muscle tone. For women, the figure is around 8% - as women have both different locations of fat deposits, typically care 2x more fat than men, have differences in metabolism and hormone profiles.

That said, I personally have tried many times (beginning with the first EAS challenge over 15 years ago) to develop a "chiseled" "Adonis""Greek Statue" look. I failed every time. One reason...nearly all of my body fat is subcutaneous, and located in my mid-section / hips. To reduce to the point where abs definition would show up would be unhealthy from a medical standpoint (for me).

My advice, further, is to do the baseline male blood testing (thyroid, PSA, testosterone, etc.) followed up every 3 to 4 months. Also, though most people cannot afford it, the only validated test of body fat is the total immersion (baryatric) test. BF electronic gizmos, calipers, and the nonsense perpetrated by gyms and their ubiquitous computers is WORTHLESS.

If I had known what I know now, 1) I would have saved myself thousands of $$$, 2) hundreds of wasted fitness hours, 3) mental frustration and anguish...and...had a lot more fun with what the Higher Being gave me from the get go.

Best regards & hopes to not cause offense!

this is the best test boosting product around. I am chiselded and weigh 180lbs at 5'6''. most of it was done using this product. If you take four before bed and your 'normal" that means ur test will be no less than 1500ng/dl or higher with estrogen low but still on the safe side. U gotta lift heavy bodybuilding workouts short intense heavy strain five days a week u need 1800 calories per pound of weight split over six meals, u need creatine, u need a good protein supplement 1 g per pound of bodweight, and a lot more knowledge than that. U gotta combine it all, u skip meals especially in the morning pre post workout or before bed U WILL NOT GROW NO MATTER WHAT!!! I had blood tests done while on this supplement the normal range is 300-1000 and mine were over 1500 every time I am 26 years old. This product works. I used to weigh 100 lbs no joke, went to 160 with other products. The last twenty pounds used this creatine, protein and ate great lifted heavy. U gotta do mass free weights squats benches and heavy back and curls. No pussy machines at all no putting the weight down when u got two three left people who say this doesnt work are either not taknig diet seriously or not taknig lifting seriously. They fit hand in hand, this product works for every man!


I'm reading everyone taking 2-4 capsule at night. This is the first time I am taking amd test booster and I was just going 1 capsule at night. David, you said that you took this on it's own and took four capsules. I would be too petrified to do that. Now, It almost gives me a feeling that my 1 capsule will not give me the results that I am lookng for.


My two cents: I just turned 26 a few days ago, 5'10, about 190lbs, BF @ 15% at the moment, lift and do cardio (sometimes interval training) 4-5 days a week hard. I decided to get me some Novedex XT last week and try a one-bottle (approx. 4 week cycle 5 days on/2 off) @ 2 caps, just minimum dosage. I just finished week one and I feel harder and fuller after this week's workout regimen, tighter around the chest and arms and also some minor break out issues on my upper back and back of amrs (im not acne-prone and its never been an issue). I was pretty psyched and SURPRISED at the results...I also seemed to be holding less water weight than usual.. UNFORTUNATELY....on day 5 I began to have some peculiar pain on my upper right abdominal quadrant radiating through the side of my rib cage to the back. It got so bad on day 6 that near the end of the day I could no longer stand up for more than a few minutes without resting on something..the pain got really bad on the right side of my mid-back around the rib cage area. Today, day 7, I woke up with extremely sensitive skin on my abdomen right above the below the rib cage and on my back in the same rib area. I am worried this could be due to the Novedex wrecking hell on my liver and I'd rather not stick with it longer and wait and see if the pain goes away with out cutting the novedex out. I've decided to just STOP because, honestly..even though I like what I see..its not worthing screwing up my liver. hair (after ONE WEEK!) looks thinner that it ever has. Studies on Novedex show no significant difference un lean body mass between Novedex users and those taking a placebo. Keeping that in mind along with what I experienced and saw during week 1 @ 2 caps: My verdict: this is nothing is worth screwing up your liver/kidneys over.


Dude, you should see a doctor immediately. Whether this has anything to do with Novedex, you should not ignore any kind of pain in the body, especially one that prevents you from being able to stand! Better safe than sorry.

I highly doubt that this supplement is the direct cause of what is happening to you. If anything, it might have aggravated some sort of existing condition, pushing past the tipping point.


Also, I am sure the perception of thinning hair is purely in your mind. I don't even think Chemotherapy, which is no doubt much more severe would show such fast hair loss. If anything, this is just a sign that you have some pre-existing condition that should be looked at immediately.

As for the studies that show no difference between drug group and placebo group, where did you find those? From what I have read, there is a difference.

just checking to see if the post is legit...thinking of buying novadex, taking risperdal has upped my prolactin levels which i believe is estrogenic hormone, stacking with novadex might keep my bones in shape while increasing testosterone, and muslce growth, worried about what happens after finished taking novadex, any feedback appreciated


Not sure Risperdal (not sure what it is), but everything else here is legit... at least all the stuff that I have commented on.

I have recently started an anabolic pheromone called 17-phero-ex (17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol). I am wondering if it would be a good/bad idea to use with an estrogen blocker, as in novadex a few days of the week while being consistent with the 17-phero-ex, just to keep my estrogen levels in check and minimizing bloat with the 17-phero-ex. any feedback is appreciated


I don't really know what supplement that is. Googling only reveals like 3 links that match your term (one of them is this blog post). Is this an over the counter or an *under* the counter supplement.

I`ve taken Androtest from Prosource and have had great results both gym/bedroom..I`m 41,still lifting at home,don`t want to give it all up...but I`m losing strength and drive from getting older so I`m always looking for an edge to keep me going...curious about Novedex?...Androtest works great during the cycle,and even for a couple weeks after which is a plus,so many products out there,always look for reputation,like Gaspari,Prosource,etc...

DHT= dihydro, the stuff that makes you lose your hair. dehydro, the stuff that DOESN'T make you lose your hair. note the subtle difference in spelling, as it makes a HUGE difference in what the chemical actually does.

I had a horrible experience with Halodrol Liguigels. Arachidonic Acid is know to promote the growth of tumor and inflamation. So, the infflamation is not only in the muscle but in many places.

This was my case. I got good results just for 2 or 3 days. After that, it was a hell. I felt i was sick, so weak. I felt as if i hit myself with anything i'd get hurted.

Beside, i got lumps in the lower areas of my chest (apparently gyno "bitch tits").

There are studies that prove that Arachidonic Acid aromatase the tissue in the chest. Sooo, i don't want a product like this even as a gift!

I'm 48 and started lifting 8 months ago (after) losing 20 pounds by dieting. I'm 5'10' and was 157 pounds but now 166. I ran a cycle of Epistane and have been using Novedex for 2 weeks now as part of my PCT. Novedex has helped me keep my gains and I must agree with the others that I still feel pumped in the morning. The pump I get in the gym is excellent! I've been taking 2 pills at night. Libido is up. The only side effect I have is waking at night with super hard erections..haha. You old farts should give it a go.

Anyway I'll post again when I finish my cycle. Good luck everyone.

Hey guys im new to this i just found this whilst goin on google i just want a quick opinion on somethin..

Im about 5'8 and i weigh just over 10st..NOW!

About six months ago i did a cycle of sust + test250 for 12 weeks and i weighed around 8 1/2 st! So i put on a stone and a half..Anyways i stopped and i went a bit funny downstairs(if you know what i mean)..Sex-drive out the window and things were strange..

I train 3/4 times a week but i'm gradually losing wieght slowly and strength and i think like every guy wants i want to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat mainly on my stomach. It just seems really impossible to get rid of this podgey heard that Novedex XT was pretty good and im thinkin of gettin some this week..Anyone got any feedback on the product and how can i get rid of stomach body fat?


thanks for all the info guys. I think I am going to give it a shot.
I have only been working out for 3 years (just turned 27).
the last 6 months I have been getting really serious.
powerlifting. in 6 months my bench, squat, and deadlift have all DOULBED if not more. I use 3 differnt types of protiens through out the day, BSN creatine and NO explode. I am adding Nitrix in my next order and thinking about a testosterone amplifier. this gaspari one sells great on
I think I will give a try. wasnt too sure till I found this page... thanks for all the feed guys. keep lifting. set goals and smash. its the only thing that keeps going.

I did a 5 week cycle of sus 250 and the last week and a half I started to realize som tendernes is my chest and some sweeling of the nipple. I just started my pct novadex tonight. Is the novadex going to take the swelling away along with the tendernes?


I believe the tenderness is precursor to a growth in fatty tissue. This is caused, from what I have heard, but an increase in Estrogen in the system. So, in theory, taking an estrogen inhibitor could make this go away. However, I am neither a doctor, nor someone who has dealt with this directly.

Let us know what happens.

Im on my second month of using Novedex XT. For the first month i was taking 4 a day before bed, a creatine supplement before my workout and a glutamine supplement with my protein shake after. I am also on a high protein and cabohydrates diet. Work out every day sometimes twice a day. before i started i weighed around 134 pounds, i stepped on the scale yesterday and weighed 146 so about 10 pounds in a month. Im very happy with what Novedex has done for me i feel a harder drive when i work out and a couple hours later i feel like i could do it all again ( that may be the creatine) one question i was wondering when i take the month break from Novedex, im gunna keep working out as hard as i am now but i shouldnt loose anything i have gained...correct ???


No, you should not lose everything that you've gained. I would think you'll keep most if not all of it if you keep working out hard.

hey ive been taking novadex for about a week. i take two before i go to sleep and thats it. but over the past few days ive had a pain in the left side of my ribs. a real sharp pain that comes and goes but ive been missing some meals and running on an empty stomach alot too. know what that could be?


I did not experience this pain and probably should be the one to give any advice. I'd say if it persists, you should see a doctor.

hi, thinking about getting some of this novodex xt stuff, look spretty good. im just wondering if it causes hair loss? also does it matter when i take it in a bulk or a cut? and im not exactly built at the moment, just starting 23 yrs old is it ok to take it right away? thanks


From what I understand about hormones, it's not the levels that cause hair loss but rather your genetic predisposition for it. That said, I don't think this will get your levels up high enough to even expedite that process.

I was recently told by a close friend, who took a cycle of Novedex XT, that he experienced great results on it. I am currently 5'10, 170 lbs. and 22 years old, so I decided to purchase some. My friend also told me to try out some Halodrol Liquigels, which from my understanding is a post-cycle supplement. My question is this: should I take Novedex first, then cycle off to Halodrol, or should I take Halodrol and then cycle off to Novedex? All posted articles and magazines that I have read by Richard Gaspari don't explicate the ordering of the two products. I am really looking forward to letting everyone know how well these two products really work, and any clarification on which to take first would be extremely helpful.

I have been on Novedex XT for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed a great increase in intensity. I am able to do about 2 more reps before failure per set. As to side effects, I have noticed an increase in hunger and a loss in sex drive. I haven't had any pains or acne. As far as I see right now, all is good and the results are impressive.


I have not heard of Halodrol before (but that doesn't mean anything about the product). I have no advice on this matter.


That sounds awesome! I'm thinking of picking up another bottle of the stuff. It's been about a year and I really want to bring back as much intensity as I can.

I bought a bottle of Novedex XT and it says on the bottle to take 4 capsules a night. I only weigh about 165 pounds and 4 pills sounds like a lot. anyone out there suggest how many i should take based on ur experiences? lower than 4? or is 4 the right amount?

Hey Guys - Greats posts...

I have been lifting seriously for a couple years now and have made some serious gains using creatine such as "Size On" by gaspari and "green magnitude" by controlled labs. I am looking to take Black Powder, Novedex, and Size On. I am coming off a stack from controlled labs and will take off a month to cycle in what I already mentioned.

For those of you who have taken Novedex, do you find it effective for someone who already has a decent amount of muscle and is it safe (Mostly on the liver and test levels after coming off it)?



I took whatever the recommended dosage was. I am not sure how much your body weight should/could influence that.

I am 63, and am 5'9", used to lift way back about 5 yrs ago and run, had to give the running up (knee problems) so although i eat well and healthy, I would like to gain more lean muscle, get rid of fat. Was wondering if at my age (I am in good shape , great genes ) if it would help me get back in the rythm...I noted that most of the comments here are from the much younger group...what can you tell me? Also, my libido is just fine...and dont take any drugs


From what I have heard, once you hit 30, testosterone levels start to drop like 1-2% a year. Have you considered talking to your doctor about Testosterone therapy? I would think that would be more powerful than a product like this?

My question was about the product, not going to a physician and get on a testosterone Tx. First of all it probably wouldnt be contra indicated, and secondly it would be cost prohibitive because it not something that is would be covered by almost if not all health coverage. What would i tell them? I want to bulk up more? So that suggestion is to me rather far fetched...if this product is for the younger guys, just say so, because all i see here in the comments are kids in thier 20's and guys in there 40's...please clarify if possible...any young man can lift and see fast results, but when older if you want the same thing, people run out of the doc is out, aint gonna i stated, my libido doesnt suffer, I am fine, but my point was gaining mor lean muscle, bulcking up a bit, losing some fat...ty, Ted


Sorry, I did not mean to dodge the question. The goal of this product is to raise testosterone levels by inhibiting its natural conversion to estrogen as the body tries to maintain balance. I just figured rather than going through this route, you might be someone who can go directly to the horses mouth, so to speak.

I am not aware of the costs or if any reasons are actually needed for a prescription, so I did not take that into account.

That said, I don't see any reason why you couldn't or shouldn't take this product. I am not a scientist, but I don't see anything about its work pathways that would make it age specific. I say go for it.


Just FYI when you have Chemo you don't go bald unless they you the red stuff (devils kool-aid)...Adriamicin(sp). When you get this stuff put it you lose ALL your hair within 45 min. no kidding .. Other than that most of the battery acid they use will not effect you hair.

My question is: Do you think post cancer patients could use this without side effects? I'm not asking you to recommend it, but does it have any cancer cell accelerators? I am currently 38 had cancer at 27 years old. Survivor.


I think it's awesome that you are a survivor! Cancer has hurt and taken people that I love away from me. Rock on with your surviving self! :)

That said, I certainly do not know how this kind of a supplement would work at that level. This is something you would have to discuss with your Oncologist.

I agree, anything that might accelerate any cancer cells is definately something to think about...if ya dont know enough, then dont do it...why gamble? Also your oncologist would have to give you the ok, usually a 5 yr window...

Just out of curiosity, before I post my question, Ben I was wondering, what sort of position do you hold in the supplement/medical field? It seems as if you do dodge a lot of questions, and I was wondering whether or not you actually know what you're talking about, or if this was a "share you experience" type of blog.

That said, I hear a lot of things said at the gym, and I was wondering if anyone could clarify how long after off Novedex test levels go back to normal, as well as estrogen. I am asking because I do not have health coverage, and for me to find out by doing actual tests would cost me. Thanks Ben.


I'm not in the supplement / medical field; that is why I "dodge" the medical questions :) My blog is a technology blog. I am a web developer by profession, weight lifter by passion.

As far as how long it takes Novedex to clear, when I talked to my doctor about this, I had been off it for a month; he asked me to come back in a month (2 months total) to get re-tested. Not sure if that is how long it actually takes, but that is how long he wanted to wait before re-testing my testosterone levels.


About your question if Novadex would show up on a drug test, possible. There is a warning on he bottle that states:

"The ingredients in Novadex XT may cause a false positive test for substances that are banned by some athletic or government associations (including military).

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT if you are subject to testing for banned and/or performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids."

So, I hope this answers you question.

I understand your frustration...its not that it is for younger people to use..its just that you will find that as we age(I'm 42) you see fewer people maintaining a serious workout lifestyle...I say forget the ages of people your reading about..collect your info on peoples experiences and if it sounds like something you want to try then go for it...then you be the testimony for he older set!

i just recieved my first bottle of novedex xt. I'm new to taking this so i have a few questions. Ive been looking at reviews and would like to know what is a cycle and what do i need to take if i start losing my sex drive.

In my assumtion of the critiques, i dont recall anything regarding losing your libido...wouldnt it be prudent to find more out about that with the generators of this item? If it reduced your libido than i suggest not taking it it, if that is your concern, but all that Tet, I should think would boost it, not reduce it, but i could be wrong...each person is different...ill efects...stop using, and a cycle is a workout cycle, as far as I know ted


I learned the whole concept of a cylce when purchasing this product too. Novadex XT is not a supplement you take on a continuous basis; you have to take it in "cycles." The bottle will state not to exceed 4 - 8 weeks. However, I take it 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. With everything it does to your body, I'm not that big: 5'8", 165 lbs, I think one month is enough to have that elevated testosterone in my body. Then let my body reset itself for a month.

I'm trying to gain lean muscle and using it while doing the P-90X, so I am hoping to see great results at the end. I am taking it with an isolated protein and creatine. I started using the Novadex XT several months ago, then broke my arm roller blading and had to stop. I finally got back to working out again after all that madness. Anyway, sorry for the long comment, but that is what a "cycle" is. It just brought back the memory of when I first learned of the product and of "Cycle" myself.

All of the controvery over the good and bad of Novedex XT may not be important anymore. My supplier of this product told me that it is being pulled on the market. Apparently it is too close to the real stuff and Gaspari was told too also stop producing right away. Has anyone else heard this? I would like to comment on Ted's thing about young guys using this only, I know guys in your age range that use it and it is working great for them. They said any increase is better than what they have with out it.


The product is design to alter Testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is a sex hormone and is definitely linked to sex drive. When you alter the hormonal levels, this is likely to effect your body. If you lose your sex drive, I would not consider this a problem (unless it is a social one).

I haven't heard of anything about Novadex possibly being pulled but definitely would like to know if someone has.

Just in regards to the above statements of Novedex being pulled off the shelves, I cannot generalize for every state, but in Canada it has already been taken out of every supplement store. Right now, in my home state of Florida, it is not being pulled off, and will not be pulled off, according to FDA regulation/legislation. However, if you live in the U.S., you might wanna check out if Novedex is being pulled off - worst case scenario, come to Florida, stock up, and go push harder then ever.

The more important factor is why is canada pulling it off the shelves...doesnt that matter? Must be a reason there, so wouldnt it be prudent to know why? I have to tell ya, sometimes i wonder why people think the way they do. Find out why, then decide whether its worth the risk whatever tha may be...Canada is pretty liberal, and there had to be a reason...Ted


Although Canada is a pretty liberal country (even though the current government is Conservative, and given the parliamentary responsibilities of the Prime Minister in Canada, legislation is passed more easily than it is in the US Congress, and thus in theory if a Conservative government has legislative powers almost authoritative in nature, it would be more Conservative than liberall) it has very strict legislation regarding food and nutrition. Canada is not, by historical tradition, bureaucratically oriented, unlike the United States. So Canada doesn't have a big bureaucracy like the FDA, as does the United States, so the legislation against products like Novedex comes from a narrow source of information (Canada also does not have interest group politics, who inform members of Congress like the U.S. does). That being said, it has nothing to do with prudence of the individual, but the nature of the legislation and its origin. For example, if you look at Gaspari's Halodrol Liquigels in the United States it has different ingredients than the Halodrol Liquigels in Canada. So in regards to my previous statement, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE IN CANADA, you can expect within six months to see a newer version (and thus, less potent and less effective) of Novedex, maybe under a slightly different name. My final point is that Novedex is an anti-aromatase, and as far as I know, Canada currently passed legislation to take all anti-aromatase products of the shelves - it was not directed specifically at Gaspari's Novedex. Reasons for not allowing anti-aromatase is not that it is dangerous or unsafe, but Canada is so uninformed and does not have the same political structure to allow an independent bureaucracy to allow such products. Why do you think the US has so many better products - it is not that the US is uninformed about products, but more informed and can allow such products to exist south of Canada's border. So for those who are prudent, I would suggest Novedex as a bodybuilding supplement, done in cycles, and you'll be fine. Hope this helps Ted. Sometimes I wonder why people make arbitrary statements when they do.

Very informative reply, and pretty much keys into what i stated...Find Out! Made sense to me, I actually went there and saw nothing that was scary or anything to alarm me...on the libido thing? No direct proof of it affecting it, although a iread a few that said it enhanced it, and one or two that it didnt...also depends on what else your chucking down the pie in medicine, many Tx do not or will not mix...could become a chemical nightmare if it doesnt mix...I will not take anything else, just using it to bulk up a little, and to loose some fat...thanks for the get A +...ha ha ted

You seem to know a lot about using this kind of enhancer, I only used few steroids that I got online. My doctor allowed me to take them and now I am having hard training to win our local competition. Despite all the steroid use controversies I found some interesting stuff here: . I hope it helps.

hey i wanted to know about if novadex would make u wack out like some of the steroid freaks n the gym ive been on phil kaplands transform plan with his reload suppliment and just cant get rid of this bitch tit my girl is all up set cause she used to date a guy that did deca and he was an ass i dont want this to alter mood or make me wacky like other steroids.

I am doing just the novadex, am not some steroid junky trying to look like a barnyard bull...fuck that shit, they look like humanoids steriod musclebound jerks, that to me is sick ...ya look like a foot locker with arms n legs...all i am trying to do is trim up, lean out and look human in the porcess...Dont need or want that steroid coctale the way, I have a healthy liver too

I was recently recommeded Novedex XT due to the fact that i developed some extra tissue in my nipple area. Is this supplement going to reduce or even eliminate that tissue or is there something else i could be using.

Would appreciate any help


I am not sure if that tissue growth can be reversed - you need to consult a doctor about that. But, if Novedex XT inhibits estrogen, then it should prevent further tissue growth.

any abnormal growth should be checked could be as simple as what is called a "skin tag" or it could mean something always to get a proffesional opinion. At least then you will have the correct information. If its the lesser of the problem, then it could be excised withing minutes...

estrogen = bad
testosterone = good

so more of one an less of another is great.. just do roids an anti aromatase an eat alot an lift alot

the tissue growth is called gynoclamastia... caused mainly by steroids... clomid arimidex or nolvadex could help reduce the tissue but if not .. surgery will be the only option.. by the ways it is not harmful.. just fat tissue

Just finished tribulus and started novadex XT. I take the Novadex at night with ZMA/and Arginine. So far haven't see much difference. Kind of tough to setlle down and fall asleep.

hey ben great sight,

just finished t bomb i'm mid thirties would novedex xt help put hormones bac in range?and can it b taking wit zma?


I don't think there is any issue with ZMA as they are different types of supplements. One is an anti-estrogen, one is a sleep aide. As far as helping put your hormones back in the right place, I cannot really speak to that.

Been on novadex now for about a week and I can definately see a change. Slightly moody, but overall not too bad. The moodiness may just be from eating the same diet day after day. My strength has increased. My program is all high reps and I am doing sets of 12 with weights I used to get for about 6-8. Although I had a setback yesterday doing squats. Was on my last rep of my last set for the day and my quad just collapsed. It feels like someone dead legged me about a 1000 times. Hurts but luckily today was an off day I just missed cardio. Anyhow thats where I am at. Ill keep you posted. Any one else taking Novadex? I also am eating about 3500 calories a day I have actually gained about 4 pounds.

Quad is healing nicely I feel 100% better than yesterday. Dude the Novadex must be working I have people asking me now what the hell I 'm taking. I have always been pretty strong but this os getting crazy!! Jump on it we can compare results.. By the way the ZMA I take helps me sleep great!


Sounds really awesome :) You're making me feel jealous.

I was taking ZMA for a while, but was not noticing any better sleep. I'm a really light sleeper to being with, so maybe there's not much to be done.

hey guys, just wondering if novedex xt would stunt all my future growth, would it shorten it?, or stunt all of it.

I'm currently a doctor working in New Zealand and I just wanted to clear some things up about the claims of natural Hormone boosters.
As stated in the article, the body has a system of homeostasis and tries to keep all things in natural balance. In terms of testosterone, it does this by stimulating release of Luteinizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary in the brain.

The LH then signals Leydig cells in the testes to make testosterone. But there is a negative feedback system which means when free testosterone levels rise, the LH levels fall and testosterone production drops. Thats why people who inject testosterone have small testes, because testosterone levels (from an outside source) are high, so natural production drops and the testes are not working and producing testosterone so they shrink just like muscles would if you stopped using them.

But in terms of things that "naturally" boost testosterone levels, this can't be done. You cannot simply signal your own body to increase production because the increase in testosterone would feedback and tell your brain to stop production again. Same applies with aromatase inhibitors as stopping conversion of testosterone to Estrogen would increase testosterone levels temporarily, but the feedback loop would quickly set in and levels would drop again.

Aromatase inhibitors are only handy when estrogen levels are excessively high (as in testosterone injections increasing conversion to estrogen) to stop side effects like gynecomastia (male breasts).

So, just as a rule for natural hormone "boosters", they don't actually work. The only way to override the system's homeostasis pathway is to use an external source of the real deal or the stimulating enzyme itself which the body produces (which hasn't quite been done with testosterone). Sorry guys, that means either doing it the old fashioned way, or the illegal way.

From: NZ MD.

testosterone boosters are 42 I`m working with my Dr. and he insures me that it is not good...nobody likes to be lied to,and that`s what the boosters do...I admit that they wake me up in the gym,but when I stop using them,it`s back to normal,with a couple weeks of going backwards until your own system corrects itself,so it`s best to work with yourself,boost naturally...12 to 15 reps so to say,make your body ask for more of your own testosterone...I don`t want to have health problems in my 50s and 60s because of my ego in my 30s and 40s...........

Nice to finally read a well informed Dr's opinion backed up by solid scientifally researched proof...HGH is another farce, one cannot take HGH orally, injections only...its why i am cautious, sometime sarcastic, but always realistic...good thing for the sellers of these additives is that thier will always be those that dont believe or refuse to believe facts...much like the GOP reaction to Global

Nothing is better than the real thing, work at it, eat right, try not to look like the Hulk...ha ha...ted

I believe that the ban is a problem however, with thy being said it has created a lot of product development from companies to create legal supplements with similar effects at a lower price. In the end I think that the ban has helped to stir up more useful products and ultimately help the industry all together.


Whether or not it spurred on further development, I think it definitely did - the companies need stuff to sell :) I wonder though, based on medical research, is a pro hormone actually a valid way to stimulate natural testosterone production; or, is @Adam saying that it's basically not possible.

that depends on what pro hormone you are looking at. More and more companies are having real labs to clinical trials on the benefits, gaspari nutrition comes to mind, and a lot of the results are promising. Also and aromatise inhibitor in theory helps increase free unbound testosterone allowing the amount of test used to aid in muscle development and recovery to increase.

I have been bodybuilding / weightlifting for 33 years the natural way. I am very skeptical about Novedex and any "natural" Testosterone booster. What is missing from all the comments here is the empirical data. With so many people taking Novedex and the like, why isn't anyone testing their T levels and posting their before and after numbers? There are all kinds of substances that can make people "feel" that their results are due to what they are taking. Without the empirical data, it's anybody's guess and the Doctor is quite right about how the feedback mechanism functions. So, proof...we need proof! :)

If you I a quick google search you can find forum posts with pre-T and post novedex T information. One website that comes to mind is they have a very extensive and easy to search forum. The reason I believe, that a lot of people don't get these tests done is the cost, I'm not sure if tests like this are covered by health insurance.

Don't forget to check out


I did a fairly lengthy search, as you suggested, although not an exhaustive search.
I saw a lot claims using percentages, but no actual numbers. I also saw second hand claims about a Baylor report of a study which claims increases of "...283%, 625%, 566%, 438% for total Testosterone". I did not find any actual links to the report. All of this does not make me any more comfortable with the claims being made for this product. Just looking at it from a logical perspective, the amount of Estrogen produced in a human male is very small, compared to the total T (free or bound) produced in the body. It is impossible for T to increase by such an amount solely by using an Estrogen inhibitor, and this product does not claim to be a T stimulator! Or, in other words, you can't raise T levels by more than the amount of T used to make Estrogen (which is small)! In addition, if T levels were raised by that much, your testes would stop producing T and your levels would quickly drop. Therefore, either the Baylor study is bogus, or has been misinterpreted or misquoted. Maybe it does not even exist.

Finally, I can go to my doctor and ask for a T test and he does it, and it is covered by insurance. I'm not implying everyone is in the same boat, but, I know there are enough motivated weightlifters that you'd think at least some would've confirmed their T levels.
To be able to raise one's levels by over 600% is like injecting yourself exogenously with T, but at a much lower cost. It would be miraculous indeed, if true.


The reason prohormones were banned was because they do actually work (although not nearly as well as the hormone itself).

They don't function like so called hormone "stimulators" because they don't try to boost your bodies natural production of testosterone. What they do is provide the precursors which then get converted to the hormone itself. Your body does this naturally, many hormones are not released as such, they are made in their precursor or "prehormone" form which is not biologically active and are then converted by other enzymes to an activated form which can do its job.

By taking a prehormone you are essentially taking something that the body will convert to the hormone itself, bypassing the homeostatic "balance" mechanism. So even when your levels rise and your body cuts production and you continue to take the prohormone, the enzymes will convert it to the hormone itself. This kind of therapy is used in other areas of medicine everyday, and this is why they were banned, because they work to a certain degree. Again they are not quite as good as the real deal.

Serum Testosterone level tests:

I completely agree with Michael.

Firstly, there is a difference between Total Testosterone and free testosterone levels. Total testosterone can be high, but it doesn't do a thing! Your body binds unneeded testosterone it produces itself to stop it working in excess. Its the free form that is important.

But i very much doubt that estrogen binders would increase testosterone levels, especially not that dramatically. Like you said there isn't even that much estrogen in body in the first place.

But the most important thing I think you guys should understand is the flaws in many studies conducted. Through years and years of medical school, we have endless amounts of sessions on how to interpret scientific research reports, and most of that time is spent learning how to pick the real conclusive ones from the endless amounts of bogus ones. Most the research available to the public has no real scientific value. Actually many of the multimillion dollar medical research has no value either as their results are skewed or tampered with, or even worse in the fine print u read that the funders were from the drug company making the drug so of course they are going to find that it works.
Most research that has real data is picked up by big international databases which charge medical staff and institutions hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to have access to them, many aren't left free to the public. So please be aware of bogus research such as the one stated above by michael, there is probably 100,000 times more bogus ones than real ones out there.


One more thing to add guys.

Please I urge you to take care with supplements. There are not as many laws which regulate supplements as there are for food and pharmaceuticals.

Before any pharmaceutical product goes on the market there are years and years (sometimes up to 20 years) of research conducted with literally billions of dollars spent for each product to prove it is safe and effective.

There is no such testing for supplements, and even worse, there is no long term research to find if there is risks of taking them long term. And the reason they are sometimes taken off the market is because sometimes people have problems with them and make official complaints and the law steps in to stop production. So please take care with such "natural" supplements, you don't want to be that poor person who is the first to suffer from it.

I'm not saying don't use them at all, as some are safe. Just be cautious.


there is an old adage "if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is"...especially when there is money to be made

Interseting stuff, just done a course of Epistane, starting PCT with Nolva today, also have Novedex which I am going to add.
I want the homeostasis to come back. From the posts above it seem's Novedex can turn off the libido? This being the case it may be better to run this with the proper Nolva until I feel a rise and then cut the Novedex out?


I was just thinking about testosterone yesterday and your thoughts on it and I wondered if weight-lifting induced testosterone production factored into your thoughts at all? I am no scientist, obviously, but from what I have read, heavy weight lifting does have a hormone response in which testosterone and GH are released.

I can understand that an anti-aromatase drug might not matter in "normal" people that are not stimulating additional T-production; but, what about in people that lift on a regular basis? Do you think negative feedback loops kick in faster than workout stimulation of T-production?

I have now just finished my second go around with Novedex. For the first bottle or first time use, I did have a decrease in sexdrive but an increase in intensity. Now with the second bottle sexdrive was back, minor acne but the best part is, that my recovery was alot quicker and did not get as sore. It was said that this stuff can't do what they claim, i think there is some trueth to it. It's like they say "mind over matter". You can convince yourself that something works when it doesn't really. Maybe that is the case in this stuff?


As far as I'm concerned, we are paying for the "result", not necessarily for the pathways to that result. So, if you feel more intense and are seeing success, then isn't that worth money? I'm thinking about getting on another cycle too.


The thing is that yes heavy weight lifting does cause an increase in Testosterone and GH levels by increasing hypothalamic and pituitary stimulation and hormone release. BUT the increase is not as much as you would think. When compared to the levels which are injected when you take in an external source of the hormones, the natural increase levels are miniscule.

The rise in Testosterone does have a positive impact on muscle development but it is not significant enough to cause a great rise in Estrogen levels. Estrogen levels may go up, but that increase is not enough to cause the side affects like gynecomastia.

Aromatase inhibitors are useful if you are actually taking real testosterone.

Just a point to remember, gynecomastia (male breasts) is not only caused by taking testosterone. Too much alcohol causing liver damage will do the same as you liver cannot metabolize the estrogen produced and it builds up in your system. so DON'T be a heavy drinker. And sorry guys, but some of you will naturally develop it as the years pass and you reach a certain age, not much can be done about that.



It is no secret that in medicine the placebo affect is a well documented phenomenon. Even in things like surgery, if a Doctor tells the patient that the surgery was brilliant and that they are going to be absolutely fine, that patient will do much better medically and recover faster than if they had been told that the surgery was just OK and that they were unsure how they would do.

It's the same with most pharmaceuticals. Often it is found that placebo, even though it is not nearly as good as the real deal, it is more affective than nothing. And even the real deal is slightly more affective if the patient believes it will work than if a patient believes it wont.

So if you think this is working for you then why not let placebo do its thing? BUT please remember that even if it has no real positive affect but the placebo affect, the negative affects of some things can be VERY real. Often with things like natural supplements and medications which are not researched as much as pharmaceuticals, there hasn't been long term testing done.

Why do you think some natural supplements suddenly disappear off the shelves and are never to be heard of again? Where as if a proper pharmaceutical drug is found to be harmful, EVERYONE hears about it as somewhere in the years of testing, someone has screwed up.


@Ben and Adam

I agree with what both are saying and will continue on doing what I am doing. I am in the off cycle right now for about 3 weeks and then I will try another cycle.

Hello all,

I've read a lot of this post and I'm planning on purchasing this product and using on the beginning of my 8th week of 12 week cycle of Anabol5. I've asked Vitamin Shoppe and others about using this as a PCT for the Anabol5's last month cycle and all agree it would be beneficial to cycle this in with it before coming off the A5. I'm not sure if this is just sales related or what.

Anyone else used this method or can let me know about it? I just want to know before shelling out on a cycle of Novadex.

I'm not sure of my test levels right now but my aggression is WAY up when worked up in the gym so I have to assume they are pretty high.. like to the point where you can taste blood. lol

this product has been shown in research to "increase" estrogen in middle age and older
guys, so if you fall into that category, stay
away. i tried it, waste of money, and libido went bye bye.

Im 5 10 155 and 20 years old. I want to start taking a test builder to get big. I dont want to be stuck on any product my whole life so I was wondering if I took 1 or 2 cycles of this product and stopped will i lose most of my gains even if i continue to work out hard? Thanks

Your only twenty you really should wait until your 21-23 before you strt messing with t boosters. That being said you should focus on eating right, perfecting a routine, getting adequate protein, and maybe creatine. You really shouldn't see muh in the way of gains from novedex. I have cycled novedex twice and have seen decent results, I don't feel as though I have lost any of my gains a I am still bigger and still stronger, but I workout harder and more often now.

Thanks Chris.

With all that being said, what other supplements other then creatine and protein will help me see results quickly and get bigger then just eating and working out hard. And when you say that a 20 year old shouldnt take T boosters, why and what happens if i do. Thanks in advance


All things have the potential to cause some issues in some people. I don't think any of us on this discussion, except for maybe Adam (the doctor), should be giving any medical advice. Just my disclaimer :)


Unfortunately, I can't tell you whether this product causes heart problems or other health issues. Actually, I don't think there will be many people who could tell you that.

That is the problem with a lot of "natural supplements", there are not many strict control and regulation laws in place to monitor them. Because of this the long term affects are often unknown. This can mean that sometimes some people may be negatively affected by them in the future and then action is taken to withdraw the product from the market, but that is probably a little too late.

There are natural supplements that have been around for a while and we know a lot about, and there are some newer ones that we don't know at all. All I can say about products such as this is take care when using them, and if you feel something is not quite right, trust your instincts and see a doctor immediately.


I dont know whether or not you have heard of Scientific Muscle before but i am considering getting either that or the testosterone booster but am not sure which would be better... would be very gratefull if someone could help me out.


Regarding the effectiveness (or rather ineffectiveness) of testosterone boosters please check out my many posts on this page.

I'v looked into this Scientific Muscle product and to be honest, there is nothing scientific about it. The website claims it has "scientific proof" for why it works. Scientific proof means that research has been carried out with a large group of individuals participating over a long period of time to give statistically significant data.

The only scientific proof given by this product is a diagram from a biochemistry text book (with some additions by the people from the site) to make it look fancy. As far as these Dr's from these "renowned" institutes, they are not so renowned. Also, many are chemical biologists who carry out experiments in rats. What looks good on paper to a chemical biologist does not mean it works in humans.

Just another point to note, the website referred to a "Smolenk medical institute" which does not exist, The real institute they are referring to is "Smolensk medical academy". Now you may think thats a simple typo but in fact when u search for Smolensk and their research there is nothing about these products. But when u search for Smolenk suddenly it points to numerous body building websites advertising many "natural supplements". It is easy to alter a name online and assume that people will not check.

There is not much info on the ingredients in the product. If it was such a breakthrough in chemical biology, surely something would be written on it. This kind of information is usually available on medical databases (which I have searched on) years before it is available on independant websites like this.

And one of the ingredients, 2-(carbamimidoyl-methyl-amino) acid, is simply the chemical name for a derivative of Creatine. If the website wanted to be honest it would have just said Creatine, we all know creatine does not do all the things this website claims.

So all in all i say just another way to get the public to spend a lot of money by using big scientific words with no scientific proof.

Please beware things that sound too good to be true.



Thanks very much mate, good insight into the product and saved me a fair amount of money as i was going to purchase it as it did sell it very well. I have looked through some of your posts and it seems that this would be the product to get.

I have many years in the martial arts and weight lifting. I have read just about every article and study I could find and have never found any true scientific evidence that any of these things work. I did however, speak to a biochemist at one time. She warned me not to take protein powders or supplementation. She explained that the body must filter out excess and that we already get most of what we need through our diet. So by taking all these snake oils, you are causing greater stress on your liver and increasing the likelihood of permanent liver damage. I am concerned when I read posts about 20+ year old taking T-boosters when they don't need them. Young guys should avoid all of this stuff, you already have the right body chemistry for gains and recovery. To burn fat, increase muscle. The Doctor is right in what he is advising and you should all listen to him. Diet, sleep, and exercise are the only way. I have included a link from Men's Health concerning natural testosterone production.


I have hear of many studies that demonstrate that in a "healthy" person, excess protein causes no problems what so ever. I think the idea that extra protein can be harmful is an outlier in terms of what the body can handle.

Now, as for other types of nutrients, that is another story.

Read this blog from top to bottom, Highly informational and im glad I found it!I purchased a bottle of novedex xt today and will be starting my cycle tonight!

Im 22 years old 5'7 155 pounds, im competitive in mma(mixed martial arts) and am looking to gain some strength and size.

However, I have recently been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I have opted against taking meds due to shitty side effects. I am not a raging lunatic and have 100% control over everything I do at all times. I do not "black out" and rage like some people may assume people with BPD do, but I am human and I do have this disease (yes its a disease). I am VERY stong willed and even my psychiatrist is surprized at my ability to maintain calmness without treatment.

My question is will this product "set me off" at all? Ive taken BSN nitrix b4 and it gave me a bit of welcomed aggression, all good! But anything more than some extra aggression in the gym is not welcomed. I understand this isnt a steroid but has anyone experienced any kind of "rage" from novedex ? ANY feedback appreciated ..

Started stacking with halodrol liquigels today,wondering what I can expect from all of this. Phsyical and other wise, thanx.

Hi guys. Great Blog. Have read it all and have mixed feelins about novedex. Does anyone know what i can stack it with to make it as safe as possible to take. I also have alopecia and would like to know if this could effect it and make me loose all my hair. Thanks

@Killer, @Ivan,

It sounds like you should both consult a physician, @Killer for your existing condition and @Ivan for your drug interaction.

Ben Nadel, can you please list all of the benefits that you noticed when taking Novedex XT? Did you lose any fat? thank you

I'm currently 22 years old and for the past 2 years I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on testosterone boosting products. And I have discovered that the search is over. I was always skeptical about Gaspari Nutrition Novedex XT, but trust me it is for real and will get you the size, strength and muscularity that everyone wants. Overall a great product worth using. Thanks for this nice post about this product. I like this site.

The Dr Max Powers testoterone booster is great - ofcourse it improves sex drive [like large amounts of testosterone would if you take a larger amount], since it is the real deal.

I would definately recommend this product to men whose levels of testosterone were diminishing, as with age.
I Ordered the Dr. Max Test Boost product as supplement to boost my energy levels and such. I took one pill each morning with a meal.


I definitely felt strong and I was told that I looked bigger. Fat... I've always carried fat; that's something that I need to work on.


I can't really say.


I would just like to commend you on your positive and helpful style... Damn decent of you, man. On the subject of Novedex: I have been taking NXT for just over a month now, and have seen incredible results! I am 6'8, 270 lbs. and am an extremely active MMA fighter (19-2), so for me the extra boost of test has really helped me on the competitive level. A feeling of well-being, confidence, and determination has definitely come with the cycle, as well as new found strength, incredible pumps, and higher endurance levels. I recommend a combination of Novedex, Creatine, Whey Isolate, ZMA, and the one-a-day vitamin "Alpha Betic" for any athlete or serious bodybuilder.


I appreciate your comments - I really do try to create a decent environment for good conversation. On the NXT side, I am glad you are getting good results! That's awesome. I need to get my fitness life back on track.

Hi Ben,

I'm three days into my Novedex XT cycle. My current stack consists of Fubar (pre-workout), Dymatize BCAA (Aminos), Purple K (Creatine), and now the Novedex.

My workout schedule fluctuates, but I try to get to the gym for about 9pm, during the week. I've noticed that since I've started taking Novedex, I have not been able to sleep well at all. I'm wondering if you had had a similar experience, or if you'd heard of any similar cases. I've spent some time researching side effects but all of them seem to indicate Novedex as being an excellent sleep aid... I seem to be experiencing the opposite.

Any thoughts on this?

Many thanks

I am an 18 year old guy, 5'6 and 115 lbs and i just can't gain any weight/muscle. I have been looking into this product and it seems to be getting good reviews. I understand that this product is recommended for individuals over 21 because at 18 testosterone levels are at there peek and there might be some development still happenening. However, I stopped growing at 13-14. Should i expect any negative side effects from taking Novedex at !8 years old? Would anyone here advise against this? Thanks guys.


If you go to almost any forum dealing with prohormones, you will always be told to wait until you are at least in your mid to late 20s to take this kind of stuff. You might get some benefit from it now, but you will cause yourself hormonal harm in the long run.

You are better off eating (alot), taking weight gainers, creatine, preworkout supplement (like superpump 250), and protein. Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day with these supplements. Get enough sleep, do very little cardio, lift 8-10 rep ranges, and do not overtrain.

Those who say they have problems gaining quality weight usually are not doing something right. Not enough calories, water, protein, etc. Some people neglect eating enough complex carbs. Without the carbs, your muscles look flat. While others overtrain and never give their bodies a chance to grow.

Evalute what you are doing before even considering taking any prohormone. At your age, there is no way that you cannot grow if you do the things I mentioned here properly.

It's actually just an anti aromatic... It gets rid of the aromatic enzyme that converts about 20-30% of test into estrogen... So only about 5-10% gets converted depending on the person maybe even less... As body stops producing estrogen it activates your testes to start overloading testosterone to compansate for the lack of estrogen... It is completely safe n works honestly 50-70% as good as steroids they really hit the mark with this product

Novedex is not a prohormone... Pro hormones are molecules that look like testosterone but maybe one 2% different n the body converts to test. Novedex is completely natural I am 18 n I use it on and off n there is nothing wrong with it is just a natural chemical that gets rid of an aromatic enzyme it is completly safe... It's like the exact opposite of soybean chemicals they produce more aromatic enzyme... It is just as safe as soy products

The Dr. Max Powers Testosterone Booster is the best price and quality I've found. I lift about 3 times a week. I take this about 1/2 hour before working out and it makes a big difference. Getting through my workout is much easier with this. I'm pushing 40 and this is like turning back the clock a dozen years. I wouldn't recommend this if you're still in your twenties, but mid thirties and up, looking for an extra boost in your workout, I highly recommend.

I'm 72 years old and have been weight training for years. However, I have a lot of bodyfat that just won't burn off. In the last two years I've noticed my pecs are looking more like a woman's breast which convinced me my testoterone level might be too low. So I started Novedex XT and now on my third day. I immediately noticed the difference in my workouts, pumping more and keeping my resting time to minimums without getting tired. When I've left the gym, I feel more invigorated than ever before. I'm looking to pack on more lean muscle. I'm taking two capsules a night. I've thought about taking four but think I'll stick with two for at least 7 days and see what results I get. You are only as old as you think you are and I feel like and think of myself as in my 40's.

I have taken three different cycles of novadex. I have seen great results in the past few months. I do take creatine before and after workouts. I try to take in 250-300 grams of protein a day. I'm 5'11" 223 pounds. I also take good quality whey protein. I have seen my strength increase. I was doing max of dumbbell vertical bench of 70 pounds. I am now maxing out at 90 pounds at 6-7 reps. My point is I believe it has proven that it has worked. I am going to go to the doctor for a check-up soon to check on T levels and kidney as well as the liver. I use to work out hard in my twenties and never used supplements. I recently started using supplements as I am nearly 39. Young guys just be careful and eat well. This will help you out tremendously.

Ok so when i google dehydrodtestosterone, Nothing comes up other than novedex related sites. what gives?

Novedex xt uses adt. Works by tricking you brain into thinking that there is not enough test in the body so it sends out the signal to make more. Of course if your body thinks there is not enought test it will not be sending out the signal to convert its test to estrogen. That's the easy way of putting it. For more info just google adt. Good luck man.

Ps I didn't take the time to read all the comments. Some of the questions about prohormons, halodrol needs a pct. I do not think that over the counter products are enough. I have taken a lot of ph's. I have taken at least 15 cycles of m1t back in the day and superdrol now. These may be labeled ph's but the are real steroids. Do your research. Yes they can cause gyno. They will shut your test down. You might be able to buy the gear legally but a strong enough pct you won't be able to. Just know you are getting into.

Sorry cought another post I should adress. To the 15 year old, stop taking this. You do not need this. No one should take anything that affects you hormone levels until you are at leat 23. You can mess your self up for life. Its not till then when you levels get set. You could end up with low test for the rest of you life.

Adam said, "So if you think this is working for you then why not let placebo do its thing? BUT please remember that even if it has no real positive affect but the placebo affect, the negative affects of some things can be VERY real. Often with things like natural supplements and medications which are not researched as much as pharmaceuticals, there hasn't been long term testing done."

I know Adam has not posted since last summer on this topic, but I would still respectfully like to take issue on the doc's comments that Novedex, and products similar to it, basically CAN'T work and any gains are nothing more than a placebo effect.

So, if you're still out there Doc...I noticed that in your first post you talked about the ineffectiveness of natural TB and AIs, but used that as a blanket statement for all products and their wide range of ingredients and mixtures. Is it not possible that one or more of these products are using a "mechanism" that your explanation would not cover? Taking a look at your statement above...seems to me that there is an error in logic there. If some supplements can have negative effects, then it stands to reason that some can have positive effects other than a placebo effect.

As far as Novedex goes, there seems to be something going on beyond the placebo effect here. I know this is anecdotal, but just looking at the reviews I've seen of the product on the internet there is a significantly higher percent of positive remarks than negative ones...many of the negative ones are not because the product was ineffective, but had some side effect. Other products reviewed on these sites have a larger percentage of comments like "Don't buy this crap!""Didn't do anything for me!" From what I've seen, you don't see that nearly as often for Novedex.

Now don't get me wrong...I know there is a lot of worthless but expensive junk on the market and some may be harmful. However, there have also been examples of where the science had to catch up with what "works" that bodybuilders and other athletes had known for years. If my memory serves me, creatine would be an example.

Personally, I haven't tried Novedex yet. However, I have experimented with numerous supplements over the years. Most did not deliver what they were claimed to deliver. I don't remember experiencing a placebo effect on any of those supps. Maybe some are more susceptible to placebo effect than others. The only thing I experienced is feeling like an idiot for falling for the hype. However, the first time I tried creatine I knew it worked...heavier weights, growth...the results were measureable.

No disrespect to you, Doc...I am just one of those sceptics who is also sceptical of sceptics. Remember when they told us margerine was more healthy than butter...then butter was more healthy...then margerine was more healthy... Hell, now I just take the one that tastes better.

Well anyway, I am gonna try Novedex. I will be the judge if it works or least for me. ;)

I,m sure it says that persons 21 years and up could use this product. I was wondering if I could use novedex xt at the same time while using Depo-testosterone injections? I am 53 and have been on testosterone thearpy for 6 years.

I just got done with my first cycle and I think it worked. Hard to tell cause i work out so much. 5 day a week. only side effect is a bunch of pimples on my arms. Does give you that dry ripped look though. Is there any way I can get rid of the zits on my arms and back or can someone tell me why that is happening. Besides the zits, love nxt.


LOL! The zits should disappear when you come off cycle. Tends to happen when hormone levels are being manipulated...if that's what's happening. You may be just sensitive to one of the ingredients. High dosages of some vitamins give me zits. I don't know if you tried the higher dosages...if so, try one capsule less. Maybe the zits won't be so extreme.

I just got 2 bottles of Novedex XT in the mail. Can't wait to try it.

I didn't read this entire thread, but early on I saw some posts concerning Novedex's effect on libido. You're libido should increase while on Novedex. The product does not contain any pre-test chemicals which convert to test, only chemicals which induce your body to produce more of its own natural testosterone.

Libido will drop when taking steroids and pro-hormones because your body's natural production of test decreases drastically in an attempt to maintain test levels. Novedex XT and many other test-boosters are often marketed for increasing libido.

Also, estrogen does not increase height or muscle growth, it inhibits both. This is why Novedex is also marketing as an aromatase inhibitor and can be used as a mild PCT for pro-hormones to prevent losing your gains. (When you come off a pro-hormone cycle your test levels are still very high but you no longer have the anti-aromatase effects of the drug, so your body will drastically raise its natrual estrogen levels to balance). I recommend Nolvadex (not Novedex) in addition to a test booster as PCT for aggressive pro-hormone cycles. Nolvadex is a pharmaceutical drug used to treat breast cancer in women, it is a very mild form of estrogen which inhibits the body's reception of its natural estrogen, therefore blocking fatty tissue build up in the pectoral region and ebbing the spread of cancerous cells. The drug can be bought online through foreign pharmacies.


I personally felt a decrease in libido; but, that could have been purely psychological. Perhaps I was just concentrating a lot on working out and felt that other things were just distractions. Who knows.

Just to clarify-Novedex XT has been known to cause a decrease in libido in some males with highly estrogen-sensitive bodily functions. If this is the case for you, you may not want to mess around with test boosters that are going to screw around with your hormone balance.


I was the one who initially started this thread way back. This is my second time taking Novadex and the gains are dry, hard gains of course thats with a strict diet working out hard etc... However, this time around i am exhausted. I sleep like a rock, and dont seem to be as motivated for workouts. (trib had me ready to rock) Also, libido seems to be down for me as well. Anyhow this will be my last time with novadex I think I can get the same results off of tribulus. Not to mention I def. am slightly on edge. My usual personality is very relaxed.


That just depends on what kind of test you will be taking. Most standard drug tests do not check for steriods. If they do, take your bottle of novedex to whoever is getting the results back and explain to them that it is a gnc product and let them read the bottle. I does say it might give a false positive result.

Hi, Im 15 years old, and Im into bodybuilding, I work out 6 days a week, for 3 hours a day doing Cardio and Weightlifting, Ive tried Rapid Cuts, and Im currently on Arson fat burner, and I have no problem handling supplements.

I know this may be a dumb question, but im going to ask anyways. A friend of mine tried testostrone booster when he was 15 years old, and he got fricking big, I was wondering when I turn 16, is there any good testostrone boosters I could try, and would it be a good or bad idea. Im training to get into the Canadian Forces and I want to be ripped by the time I enlist, im also currently 6"1, 210 LBS, so I think I might be able to handle it.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

Are you talking about this site Althea? If so, I haven't seen you post here before. Do you own or are you an affiliate of the products sold on the posted website?


No Im just looking for advice on testostrone booster, but never mind I got the advice, not reccommended for people under 18, so Im going to try creatine instead.

Okay I started taking Novadex XT back in April I stopped using it on May 3, 2010 due to elbow tendinitis. I was also taking Animal Pak and Animal Stak All I can say is wow I saw some friends that I haven't seen in a while at an event and they all asked me what was I on. Also I was able to lift a ton of weight I was able to bench 275 lbs a total of 5 times when before i could barely lift 225 lbs people would look at me while working out and swear I was on steroids because I would just go through my workout with such focus and just have intense workouts I highly recommend this product only thing I would say is be careful because you can get hurt yourself by the sudden increase in weight you will be doing

i recently used this product for 6 months straight after coming off a 1 year test cycle and liked the fact that my test never crashed as in the past. The problem I had with it is that I shit my pants 2-6 times a day the entire 6 months. Sometimes I would not even try to get to the bathroom because I was just sick of it. Now while the test levels remained in check I still lost a lot of weight off cycle. I think mostly from the excessive shitting. While I would recommend the product I would also say its not for everyone. You have to be dedicated to your health and be religious enough to your plan that you are willing to stay with it even if you are highly allergic to the product and swell a lot on it. Just train insane guys and if your friends can't handle it when you shit your pants in public places then they were never good friends anyway. I found some new friends at a hobo camp and they tend to smell so bad they never even know when you have soiled yourself. hope that helps fellow athletes....good luck!

A friend of mine just came off these after a month, he increased his dose to 3 pills near the end because he didn't feel anything. And I mean nada, no difference, not even the reported side affects affecting libido or sleep. I was kinda disapointed really as I hoped they would do something as I ain't no spring chicken either and keen to give these a try.

You lost a tonne of weight because you are off the roids! Unless you literally suffered diarhea fo 6 months.

The FDA and Gaspari are recalling this product for potential harmful side effects:

The Company is advising consumers who have Novedex XT to return any unused portion to the retail location from which it was purchased or if purchased directly from Gaspari Nutrition to return any unused portion to: Gaspari Nutrition Incorporated, 575 Prospect Street - Suite 230, Lakewood, NJ 08701;

Attention: Novedex XT Recall. Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact the company at 1-732-364-3777 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, PST. Consumers who have purchased this product and have medical concerns should consult with their health care providers.

All lots numbers/expiration dates, UPC Code 6-46511-00655-3

The recall has been initiated because the United States Food and Drug Administration does not believe that an ingredient contained in the product (3,17-keto-etiocholetriene, aka 'ATD') meets the definition of a dietary ingredient and therefore the FDA believes the product is in violation of provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

The FDA believes use of this product may lead to decreased rate of bone maturation and growth, decreased sperm production, infertility, aggressive behavior, adrenal insufficiency, kidney failure, and liver dysfunction.

Gaspari Nutrition began shipping this product on January 22nd 2005.

I am a 65 year old male and let me tell you the Dr Max Powers Testosterone Boost stuff really works,I feel alot more energy and stamina,I recommend it for active men that do some exercises and workout,it makes alot of difference in your all around energy levels,it's great. And no side effects at all.

I just came across this article while searching for a good anti-aromatase. Looks as though I am a little late on this thread, but since you all probably know that Novedex XT was pulled off of the market, I wanted to share that advanced PCT is a great product. this product created by anabolic xtreme works well and doesn't totally destroy estrogen... which would be a bad thing. I cycle PCT's for testosterone regulations every three to four months. I don't use pro-hormones or steroids but I like to keep my hormones in check. I would love to here your thoughts on Advanced PCT because it works great for me but everyones body works differently. I am currently researching Estrodex by SAN Nutrition, it looks like a good natural anti-aromatase, but one that I would have to run two bottles. Love to here everyone's thoughts.

My friends are using this kind of medication and I can see that it is a very effective. They look healthier today. I think I should take it too.

  • I'm sure that, like many other testosterone boosters and pro-hormones, it's providing some sort of pre-test material that the body will then convert to testosterone. I'm simply taking that part on faith.

It's also possible, I guess, that it is stimulating natural production of testosterone...could be stimulating glands to release more testosterone. I have read up on some supplements which do this, or claim to do this.

I am guessing you are no longer using this product, as this post was years ago, and it was a short term thing. With the effect of over-riding a body's attempt at balancing itself, that is a good thing that it is a short-term deal. My understanding of the body is, that even if such a thing is over-ridden, the body will overcompensate to balance itself out. Oftentimes, the body will balance itself, even if something is being done to override this balance. My understanding is that the body is constantly trying to balance itself, in different ways.

Anyway, I didn't read all of the comments due to time, but I totally dig @Matt's reply. Very interesting and informative.

@Ben, you have said before you thought maybe you had more mentioned your testosterone being tested here. Have you ever had your estrogen levels tested?

And, addressing all of the concerns voiced about hair loss...some women find a certain level of thinning hair to be attractive. I do, and I also totally dig the guy who can pull off the completely shaved head look. Had an incredible crush on Mr. Clean growing up. :-) And I normally don't even like earrings on a guy! :-D

Got a bottle of novedex xt anti- aromatase by gaspari nutrition for free, wondering what i should do with it. For a pct i usually take formadrol and trib 650. im 6 weeks in my current cycle im running 10 weeks. so should i throw it in my cycle to decrease estrogen? or is that to late? Ive also heard its not strong enough to use as a pct. so just wondering what i should do with this bottle. input would be greatly appreciated, thanks

If anyone is looking for a supplement for the purpose of boosting testosterone levels, try researching Tribulus Terrestris (sp?) (also known as puncture vine I believe). It supposedly increases strength, energy, and sex drive. (Not that anybody needs an increase in sex drive, but you know...) It's an all natural herbal supplement that some have taken in the place of steriods. I'm not sure about the Anti-Aromatasing properties of it, but I know that it is something that has helped a lot of people in their training goals. Anyway, might be worth researching at least?

@jonathan, Depends on what you are taking for your cycle. Novedex XT can possibly be ok and/or if you are taking something potent enough you might want to take it as you get off of your cycle.

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I recently found out that I have low testosterone, and I've been looking for ways to solve this problem without having to get expensive injections. I've tried a few supplements from GNC, all that had little to no results. I stumbled across the Dr. max Powers Testosterone Boost - I've noticed that I'm more energized every day even with the same amount of sleep and no change in diet. I'm also able to work out longer and harder at the gym, and I believe I am building muscle much easier too.

I've only been taking the Dr. Max Powers Testosterone booster for roughly two to three works, and with this much of a significant change, I can't see why anyone suffering from low testosterone wouldn't want to give this product a try. It works great for me, and works awesome for many other people.