About The "Show Me Your Tweets" Project

A couple of months ago, it occurred to me that Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie) allowed users to define different image upload services as part of their account configuration. Twitter for iPhone provides some commonly used services such at TwitPic; but, it also provides users with a place to define their own custom API end-point. Once I realized this, it seemed like a moral imperative that I create my own Twitter photo upload service using the most awesome langauge ever - ColdFusion.

Since July, I've been using my own custom photo uploader in conjunction with my own custom URL shortener to both upload and display Twitter photos. This year, at BFUSION / BFLEX, a couple of people commented on this and even asked me if I would mind sharing this photo upload functionality. I thought that this was a cool idea and I figured it might actually make a really fun hackathon "topic."

Going into this hackathon project, I had a couple of obstacles. First, I only had about 12 hours to work on this - that's the whole point of the hackathon; second, I wanted it to be portable and easy for people to use. Because of the former, the site is very bare-bones; there's not even any Javascript. Because of the latter, I am storing all the photo data with a serialized flat-file persistence mechanism. This means you can take this project, drop it anywhere, and start using it - no database required.

This isn't meant to compete with services like TwitPic; this whole application is really just a demonstration of how one can create their own photo upload service. There's a tremendous amount of room for improvement here! The progressive enhancement alone could take some serious effort!

Anyway, I hope this helps code helps someone....

Ben Nadel

Click here to Download the code