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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2014 (Bloomington, MN) with: Dave Ferguson and Simon Free and Tim Cunningham and Jason Dean
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2014 (Bloomington, MN) with: Dave Ferguson@dfgrumpy ) , Simon Free@simonfree ) , Tim Cunningham@TimCunningham71 ) , and Jason Dean@JasonPDean )


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  • Ask Ben: Screen Scraping PowerBall Statistics With ColdFusion

    Posted on Nov 5, 2013 at 5:32 PM

    I am noticing a big difference between source code from save as... pages and the source code itself. Newer apps that are Javascript driven, the underlying data is hidden behind the javascript calls. So a cfhttp.fileContent yields just the javascript, the save file yields actual content. I have no... read more »