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Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2014 (Bloomington, MN) with: Matt Vickers and Jonathan Dowdle and Joel Hill
Ben Nadel at cf.Objective() 2014 (Bloomington, MN) with: Matt Vickers@envex ) , Jonathan Dowdle@jdowdle ) , and Joel Hill@Jiggidyuo )

Been In A Funk Lately

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: Life

Sorry if the blogging has been a bit light lately. I have been in a funk for the past two weeks or so and don't seem to be able to pull myself out of it so readily. I think a lot of things are contributing to it. Usually when this happens, I just kind of muscle down and push my way through it, but I think this time I need to actually be a bit more proactive about it.

I need something to concentrate on. I need to start a new project or something. I know that there is stuff that I should be working on improving, but sometimes, I just need to start something new to jump start the old battery. I was thinking about doing a small project in my standard method and then trying to re-write it using Model-Glue or something. I know that's what Skin-Spider was supposed to be, and that kind of petered out, but it never hurts to keep trying.

I have a vision of an XML-based POI interface, which would be awesome for custom layouts, but I can't seem to figure out how to tackle it. I just have this mental block that's not letting me see how all the pieces fit together. So, maybe I just need to step away from that for a while and come back.

I have a few other items that I wanted to clean up and put in my Projects section, but just can't seem to motivate to do that either. What the heck is wrong with me?!? I'm losing my edge, man! Losing it!

I am just at a point where I need more hours in the day.

Also, someone fell through my ceiling last night. They patched up the dry wall, but my apartment was just covered with a layer of dust. This, of course, includes three computers and a TV. Luckily, the construction worker (who fell through) didn't hit anything of value. And, even more lucky, my neighbor, who is also acting Super came in a covered my electronics with garbage bags before they started cleaning up (which threw even more dust around). She's a pretty cool lady.

I spent 3 hours last night dusting and wiping and mopping and detailing. Today, my eyes sting from the dust and the cleaning sprays :(

Arrrg! Is it Friday yet?!?

Ok, I am done with my little pity party. Time to get my life in gear again. And hey, things aren't all that bad. At least this girl has never kicked my ass:


Muscle Woman With Crazy Abs And Biceps  

That would just be embarrassing. And, nothing I would want to try, seeing as I am not sure what the outcome of a fight like that would be; I know at least one of us would walk away feeling like a woman, but that in no way means it would be her ;)

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Reader Comments

*try* meditation... if that doesn't work, meditate. :)

Also, have you moved to CFEclipse yet? If not, that's clearly your problem, haha.

Thought #2 - have you tried getting into the world of Unit Testing? (it's more fun than it sounds) Considering your recent promotion, I'd be very interested in your take on CFUnit or CFCUnit and how you might introduce it to your team. Let me know if you need any pointers.

Thanks for all that you do (especially when you don't even feel like it), and just remember that if you were never in a funk you wouldn't really know how good it feels to get out of one...

+1 David O'Malley

Go for a long weekend in Maine bro, it will do wonders for your perspective. Rather than struggling through the next few weeks, take a little time out for Ben and you'll get 3 times as much done in the long run.

Like your body, you must feed your mind.

I agree, sounds like you need a week on a beach, some drinks with little umbrellas in them, and some hot bikini clad girls!

Of course that's not always possible so alternatively I recommend learning some Wing Chun Kung Fu. I just started taking some classes a few weeks ago. It's fun and you get to hit stuff (which is great stress relief!). It's also the style where Bruce Lee started.

Starting to feel a little bit better. Sometimes, just getting the feelings off your chest are enough to free you of the burden, or at least put you in a mindset where you can start to effect change.

Still, a long weekend does sound tasty. I have a bunch of movies that I want to catch up on.

Ben should I call you a Waaaaaaaaambulance? :-)

As your friend and colleague I second everyones suggestion of taking a vacation. You probably have a few months of saved vacation time so 1 week will not kill you. And by vacation i mean out of the city! No claiming a long weekend where you just sit in your apartment. Get out of the city, go hiking or something.

I often find it very relaxing to spend time shopping for gifts for my close friends :-)

I have been feeling the same way. I been irritable and it has been for about two to three weeks now. I think it is a seasonal thing. My wife tells me that I am just a snappy bastard. I remember I would get this way in college (fall was the worst semesters for me).

Here is my assessment: Because the weather is getting cooler and I am feeling softer I don't want to experience the day in day out stuff. And because I am forced to by necessity to interact with family and co-workers, I am contradicting these internal needs to chill and be alone.

I try to combat this with working out and finding new music. I am working out everyday and I burn a ton of energy so I am not as crappy to other people, because I am exhausted all the time. Oh finding new music for my iPod helps. I have been listening to the 'Still' album by Nine Inch Nails (only available through his website).

So for whatever its worth, I hope you get to feeling better.


Been doing better the last few days. I think the change in weather has a lot to do with it. As the days get shorter, I certainly start to feel a difference in my mood. I don't think I suffer from extreme SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I think it gets to me a bit.

Fall is such a beautiful season. And when the first snow comes, forget about it - I love snow. Maybe I should invest in one of those natural light lamps for work.