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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: David Frazier and Vicky Ryder and Saurin Shah
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2010 (Landsdown, VA) with: David Frazier ( @susqurugger ) , Vicky Ryder@fuzie ) , and Saurin Shah ( @vtecnrg ) Is Retarded (I'm Sorry - It Is!)

By Ben Nadel on

Last week, sadly to say, the extremely beautiful, graceful, and talented Jaimie Goodwin was kicked off of Fox's hit show, So You Think You Can Dance (Don't laugh, that show rocks hardcore!). This week, in a moment of nostalgia, I tried to look up photos of her to brighten my day. As it turns out, she has a page with pictures on it (sweet-ass!). As you have to be logged in to view pictures and I was NOT a member at the time (this Monday), I decided to quickly sign up for a free account to get access to this eye candy.


Jaimie Goodwin - So You Think You Can Dance Ultra Hottie!  

When signing up, I didn't do anything but select a username and password. Didn't touch the profile, didn't upload a photo. Nothing! All I wanted was the photo access, I don't actually care about the community aspects of a site like this (You guys are my community - awww shucks). Anyway, what I am getting at is that within 2 days of signing up for an account, I have gotten like 4 spam messages via How are these people even finding me??? I have no friends, no links on the site. I can't even imagine where I am listed. Maybe there is some page somewhere with a "New Users Who Have Not Been Spammed Yet" list? While the first two were for free computer deals and another one was for god-knows-what, this one has a certain amount of amusement to it:

Heya sexy stud!

I was curious about this online dating thing and decided to finally take the plunge. I'm extremely glad I did. I saw your online profile and wanted to send you a short message. I would like to play it by ear and not start off with something too physical at first. A few months ago, I ended a long relationship and really not looking forward to jump on that horse so soon.. I'm laid-back, very cute and love taking risks. I hope you'll write back! But please don't reply directly, I'm using my friend's account ? I'm not a paying member here. You can reply to my e-mail address, katecrown_2001_1995@yahoo.


I think what I like most about this one is that it was clearly used initially used for another site like or something. The whole "I'm not a paying member here" kind of gives that away. While is not a pay-for-use site, this is typically a message you see on real dating sites. But hey, at least she likes my blank profile "I saw your online profile and wanted to send you a short message" - that's the kind of woman I'm looking for - a woman with low standards and no expectations.

Aside from the fact that the layout / usability it absolutely crap, I think the fact that within two days of signing up for an account, I am getting so much Spam (compared to time of visibility) is just unacceptable. I can only imagine the amount of crap that people with long-time accounts must get?!? I've had brief experiences with, usually trying to look at friend's profiles, and I just always come away from the site with a very bad taste in my mouth.

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Reader Comments

MySpace blows... I don't know how they could possibly get that popular. Sorry to hear you're on the spam list. You think the pics were worth it? lol

I am so disappointed in So You Think You Can Dance this year. The judges have been insane in their decisions. Especially the 2nd and 3rd episode. Lacey will win it. Which is fine by me.

Oh, and yes myspace sucks. Its has way to many kids, pedophiles, and marketing shills / spammers. Facebook is a lame alternative. Though they do at least have a coldfusion group to join. Not that it does anything. Ok, enough ranting.

I've always said if I was going to do a web social application I'd join one worth the trouble and effort. I had joined MySpace simply to please my best friend and try it out. Well I hated it and just didn't have fun using it so I deleted my account earlier this summer. I had always had my eye on Facebook and just joined this past weekend which I'm very glad I did! I'm going to try and find some time to look at the F8 platform as well to see if its something I might have an interest in developing for.


I didn't even know what the pics were until AFTER I signed up :( That's how they get you!


This is my first season, and I missed the first few episodes. I missed all the tryouts, but have been watching for like a month. I was sad that Hok got kicked off - his break dancing was just insane. I really like Sabra, she has such a good personality and good energy. Neil is cool - actually he was the first person I saw on the show - they were doing a hip-hop dance to Justin Timberlake which was way cool. As for the judges, sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. They had one judge, who is also a coreographer who kept going on about how he wanted to see your soul and your spirit in the dance - I had no idea what he was talking about - he was crazy!


What is the F8 platform? Is that something that like a FaceBook API or something?

I don't like to do this very often, but for myspace I make an exception :) Whenever I just want to sign up for something to check it out, I use People sign up dummy accounts and you can use them to sign in.

It also irks me to no end that no one on myspace can figure out that "you're" is different that "your"

Maybe we too can make a crap site where you are endlessly spammed by losers as well as paid advertisers and then sell it for $500 million dollars! I joined MySpace back when it was just starting to make waves to check it out because it was a heavy hitting CF app but I have never really been impressed with it other than the fact that it was running on CF and supporting so many users.......I've recently been using Facebook and the one thing that I like the most about it is that there are no stupid flashing ads everywhere!

Oh and Ben, in myspace, by default your profile is set to public, so you need to set it to private and then set your preferences to only allow people you know to email's stupid but they added that after the fact and haven't done a very good job of integrating it.......

Ha, I watch that show with my girlfriend, we love it! Cat Deeley is SMOKIN!

MySpace sucks ass. A few times I've been asked if I have a MySpace page, it's almost like it's expected nowadays. It's too bad that is the "go-to" site when talking about big sites that use CF (BlueDragon I guess).

What's up with all the user pages where the background is set to not scroll, that must be the default option or something?

The look, feel and usability are just miserable. Just goes to show you what a big advantage it is to be the first player in the game.

Well, that's is the reason why I have a second yahoo email address (yes, the one I use while posting this). Whenever I need to enter an email address on the web, I will you my 'spam address'. every now and then I check the mail box, because a) you need to log in once in a while otherwise they'll close your account and b) there are a few newsletters that I actually am half-way interested in. I opened the address in 1997 - at the same time as a 'private' email address which only goes out to my friends. After 10 years, the spam address attracks some 200 spam emails a day - the 'private' one about 5 a week.
It's all about the management of you mail boxes. Obviously, it gets a bit more difficult as soon as you have your own domain. And it's annoying.


That BugMeNot stuff seems like a cool service. Good to know about it.


I have to say (and I agree with Patrick here too), FaceBook just looks really clean and nice and the fact that they have a development platform that lets you leverage the technology that they have already put in place, well, that's just really cool of them.


Word up!

Too much verbal diahhrea from the judges. The only one whose opinions I really respect is Nigel, and occasionally Mary. And when the black dude's on (can't remember his name), he's down to earth.

You make some valid points. I am on myspace quite often, I've met sooo many worthwhile people. Plus it is a way for activist "with serious issues.", get their points across to young people. It can be used for a lot of worthy purposes. I have a Darfur Petition on my page..for example...Man there's crap everywhere. I do agree it can get a little impersonal..But it's an army of creativity...not everyones cool.It just depends on what your into. You've only been on to get provacative what do you expect??? I mean it made you mad enough for all this. This is F amuzing. People on myspace would love to read about your retarded experience. Give it another go! I'll befriend your stupid ass-(har har).That's my two cents...Come to the darkside...We have cookies! Chill man-liz

MySpace is absolute rubbish. I signed up and was so put off by its appearance and sluggishness that I just stopped using it. The way users can absolutely pollute their pages with videos, music and pictures all loading and playing at once is just stooopid!!

Facebook on the other hand almost left me in awe. Although there have been some complaints about bugs in the ajax, I feel that their application and user interface kicks ass and it's because of this fact that they are growing so rapidly.

The only thing about Facebook that annoyed me was when they diabled my account for adding too many people in one go...
A social site that blocks social interaction ... hmmmm....
This has happened to quite a few people apparently, who most of got their accounts re-enabled after a while.

I however, did not due to some nudie pics i posted in a group i created ;)
So I had to create a new profile...

1st off, myspace wasn't created for moranic college -we-tawds- it was made for people all over the world to link up, join up, and otherwise meet people from different countries that has the same interests and common goals in life. 2nd, pedos? ummm, as far as I know, the youngest you can search is 18 and up, there's a shit-load of kids on there, but almost (97.5% has their sites marked as private... why, to discourage pedos!) 3. why in the heck are you looking for photos of her on myspace..? I mean, no offense, but seeing as you guys think of yourselfs as the most intelligent people on the planet... then why have you not "googled her"? or even googled her to began with... sadly, anything that is different, some random retard (which is most likely racist) goes on about Myspace sucks... yeah, you get spam, you get spam in your emails correct? You get spam mail in your mailbox and P.O. box correct? Then why would this be any different? Yeah, retards go all over the place and makes things alittle more stupid for people, but you can't help that crap, seeing as I have been on myspace for the past two yrs, I have actually created my own business, and using myspace to find people to join up with you is 1 of the most awesome aspects of the site itself... I created a gaming team in Arkansas, but we had no sponsors, hardly any players, and no idea where all the gaming tournies were... after two years, we have over 500 players, the team itself is worth $3.9 million... so before you rant on your progumistic expectations about some site you can't understand, or a site that you thought were going to have "nude pics" of someone's daughter, please get your information right...


Jeez, complaints like this kill me. Oh friggin WAH, you get spam... big deal lazy ass. I love the fact where I live in a world where I hear "What's your MySpace addy?" instead of "What's your number?".
Sorry, though, maybe MySpace is too cool for your lame likes. I mean, after all, you DO watch that lame Dance show...
*shakes head*

To:Elizabeth Kozelski

You know...... You are the stupid ass. Quite funny. Where did you learn to spell? I think it is quite AMUSING to all of us. You are a moron and a half!! Please graduate from the 3rd grade before you post again!!!!!!!!

You are one of the complete invalids that we like to block.
If you had a brain... you'd be dangerous!


Miss Orator

Dude, seriously you are gay. Oh myspace, I don't like myspace, I got a spam message from myspace. Look at this beautiful girl. See? I posted a beautiful girl on my blog. That means I'm not gay. I set up my profile and got 4 spam messages. Booo, I don't like myspace.

Dude stop it. You know your mac buddy. Go back to the dorm and let him slam his cock into your throat like you always dreamed.

Its ok to be gay. It is just lame when you try to hide it behind whiney shit.