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Heroes' Hayden Panettiere - Odd Tan Line Or ColdFusion Enthusiast? (Saucy)

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion

Someone recently sent me a photo of Hayden Panettiere in a bikini (I love my anonymous fan submissions!). At first I thought nothing of it more than well, that's a hot chick in a bathing suit. But, then, I was showing it to one of my co-workers when he said, "What's that there?" To which I said, "You know boys are different than girls, right?" To which he said, "No you jacka**, I mean that, there."

Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be some sort of weird tan line or photo blemish. After throwing the photo into Adobe Fireworks and messing around with the image brightness and contrast, I was a bit excited by what was revealed. Hayden Panettiere might just be a closet ColdFusion enthusiast! Take a look for yourself:


Hayden Panettiere In A Bathing Suit - Odd Tan Line Or ColdFusion Enthusiast  

I don't know if this is some sort of Adobe product placement or new public relations campaign - I know that the community has wanted Adobe to do a better job of spreading the news about how much ColdFusion rocks. Either way, this photo makes me happy :)

Reader Comments

I totally agree with catlynn
Hayden is my hero..
She can not only sing dance and act.
But she flipping GORGOUS!
Im sooo jelous..
Love you hayden ox

You're all bags of douche. That mark (as well as the one across her belly that looks like a smiley face) is from her bathing suit when it was pulled up higher on her midsection (probably when she was lying down). Nice conspiracy theory about Adobe though.

Actually, to all who dont know, thats obviously the Playboy bunny symbol which got there when she went tanning or what not and put the sticker there so it would show up. It appears to be a little faded...and yeah..just seemed obvious to me at first glimpse..

Sooo many f*cking haydens in this world I don't see why everyone sweats her. She's just another nice bang. And by the looks of that juicy bulge between her thighs, she's got some mean buffalo action goin' on down there. Mmmmm mmmmm delishh!!! She'd be great in a bukkake flik.

its probably just something she was wearing before that left a mark on her,or she had a bathing suite with a f cut through it got a tan and there it is!

Hate to burst your bubble but it is the tan lines from one of her bikini's that has two metal "swirls" in the front. It just left an odd tan line thats all. The bikini is by miu miu

does anyone else see the size diff. of the mark between the real photo and the close up? just wondering. everything put aside, she is drop dead f**king gorgeous

It's obviously either a heart, or an impression from the metal thing on her bathing suit. Fucking leave her alone she's insanely gorgeous.

DAMN!!!!! She makes everything she wears look good (especially a 2-piece)

By the way, did I mention she is fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!

You're a fool that is merely a tan line from a string hanging off one of her outfits. I think it's a coincidence you computer nerd.

there is no mark in the original pic, some nerd just put that cold fusion logo in there (probably the guy that anonymously sent the picture to whoever posted it in here...)

she the most beautifull girl that i never seen in my life im not a star but i think she would like to spend a day with me

When an american actress pose for public in a sexy piece of swimsuit like this, usually it mean she is looking for sexy romance or ready to act for an adult movie. Their usual next move is also a public announcement of a romantic involvement with someone not a husband. Moral vales is very low in america. No wonder life personal life sucks. Girls like this would have a very long line of boyfriends in the future.

She's a very hot, beautiful chick, really love her shape, wish she could be my girlfriend, she's my favourite character in heroe, i love u hayden...a lot

I am afraid I have to call fake on this one.

I have that exact image in my collection (along with other shots from the same day) and the little symbol just isn't there at all. It has been added deliberately by someone.

FAKE (and GAY lol)

yh probably of some string (as someone said) but it looks more like a heart
i would: 8===> /()\ anyday