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Thinspiration... What About Thickspiration? (Saucy)

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: Life

There has been so much talk on the news lately about young girls using the internet to find sites labelled as "Thinspiration" or "Pro Mia" (pro bulimia) or "Pro Ana" (pro anorexia). These sites provide photos, advice, and general inspiration for those people who vie for a smaller-than-life physique. After learning about this, I did a quick google search for "Thickspiration" to see if there were similar sites for the opposite end of the body dysmorphic disorder spectrum. Sadly, there were none. So, I guess this is the very first post on the internet dedicated to young girls out there who need a little "Thickspiration".


Thickspiration - Photos For Those Seeking Size  


Thickspiration - Photos For Those Seeking Size  


Thickspiration - Photos For Those Seeking Size  


Thickspiration - Photos For Those Seeking Size  

Reader Comments

Ah, how wrong you are, there are communities of feeders out there, obviously they tend to stay behind closed doors because the doors just aren't big enough anymore - knock yourself out. - I don't condone either choice, merely embrace darwinism and hope it leaves me a nice place to live afterwards.

Oh my dear lord :)

The image of a Java applet with a rippling water effect placed over the abundant rolls of an obese naked woman has now been seared into my brain for all eternity. I better start living now, cause that's probably gonna take a few years off my life :D

Being at work, I didn't click on the fantasyfeeder link, but based on the description, I'm going to guess we're talking about a product intended more for fanciers of heavy ladies rather than the heavy ladies themselves.

Call it hundredth monkey effect, but I just got to wondering about thickspiration myself, and this is the first result.

ummmm...I can still say that most people prefer thin. Just sayin'. Very interesting, but not terribly attractive, let us say.