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Dev Ops Manager Job At InVision

By Ben Nadel on
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InVision is working to create the world's best design communication and collaboration platform used by some of the worlds most loved designers, agencies, & corporations every day. We're looking for a Dev Ops / Dev Manager who can drive our engineering team and scale in step with our fast-growing user-base while responding efficiently and effectively to their needs.

Your responsibilities would include...

Managing the Engineering Team

  • Running the sprint planning and daily stand-up meetings.
  • Tracking developer progress.
  • Code reviews.
  • Teaming up with developers to help solve problems.

Managing Quality Assurance

  • Implementing more rigorous Q/A processes.
  • Making sure that code is thoroughly tested before stakeholder review and launch.

Helping Out With Human Resources

  • Finding engineering talent.
  • Interviewing applicants.
  • Helping new developers get setup for remote work.

Technical Operations

  • Keeping our servers running well.
  • Helping scale servers in response to growth.
  • Liaising with our hosting provider.

If you'd take pride in creating a well-oiled machine that fuels the creative process of some of the world's most trusted brands, then:

---> Apply Here! <---

The job comes with sweet benefits like half-day Fridays, gym membership, stock options, and a new computer!

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