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HTML And JavaScript Viewer For Fusion Reactor Alert Emails

By Ben Nadel on

Last week, I blogged about parsing Fusion Reactor Alert emails into a usable data structure. Over the weekend, I wanted to see if I could take that one step further and create an HTML and JavaScript (only) viewer for said Fusion Reactor Alerts. It took me a couple of hours on Friday and Sunday; but, I managed to get a JavaScript example on my GitHub project page that allows you to copy-paste your Fusion Reactor Alert emails into a Textarea input.



Project: View the Fusion Reactor Alert project on my GitHub account.

Once I had the FusionReactorAlert.cfc from last week, the hardest part of the JavaScript viewer was creating the user interface (UI). Parsing the textarea content (the copy-paste of your Fusion Reactor Alert email) was little more than a direct line-by-line translation of the ColdFusion component into an AngularJS factory. Luckily, JavaScript implements all of the regular expressions that I was using to parse the email content, including the Negative Look-Aheads.

I'll definitely be putting this to use at work. So, hopefully, I'll be able to fine-tune it and make it more usable. This first version was put together fairly fast, so it lacks polish and basic features like a "refresh" button. But, those shouldn't be too hard to add.

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