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Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Kev McCabe and Mark Drew
Ben Nadel at Scotch On The Rocks (SOTR) 2011 (Edinburgh) with: Kev McCabe@bigmadkev ) and Mark Drew@markdrew )

Thanks To David Ries For Google AdWords Help

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: Work

I just wanted to give thanks to my man, David Ries, over at for helping me set up Google AdWords. I have never worked with AdWords before and I had to set up conversion tracking information internal to a client site. I wasn't seeing anything useful in the documentation and contacted Dave, who works with Google a lot at He pointed out the fact that if you append this:


... to the destination Urls, it will get Google to automatically fill out the values in the curley brackets. So simple, yet so undocumented. Thanks dude!

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Reader Comments

Gotta Tell you great site! it's full of resources!

Got a question for you however in regards to google adwords,
I haven't seen any coldfusion examples for the Adwords API, and was wondering, if you are going to post it under the snippets section or if you're goingt o post the code for it at all?

The reason why i ask is I'm trying to setu- adwords for a client who runs a site in CF, and was just curious as to how you had it implemented.


Glad you like the site. To be completely honest, I hardly even remember doing the above post :) It was a one time thing and I haven't touched AdWords since then, so I can't be much help.

Sorry - maybe I can help next time :)