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My UNCIVILIZED Brand Cherry Wood iPhone Back From JackBacks

By Ben Nadel on

A couple of weeks ago, Jon Snook posted a photo of his branded iPhone back from Wood is awesome (that's what she...); and branded wood is classy! When I saw this, I felt I just had to have one. Only, I had no idea what to put on it. As a test run, I decided to take my friend's UNCIVILIZED Brand clothing design, turn it into a vector graphic, and send it off to JackBacks. A week later, here's what I got.

UNCIVILIZED Brand custom wood iPhone back from JackBacks. 
UNCIVILIZED Brand custom wood iPhone back from JackBacks. 
UNCIVILIZED Brand custom wood iPhone back from JackBacks. 
UNCIVILIZED Brand custom wood iPhone back from JackBacks. 

NOTE: You can click on the photos to view larger versions of the images.

The JackBack came with its own screwdriver and was incredibly easy to install. The phone feels a bit lighter with the wooden back (as opposed to the glass back); but, it has roughly the same dimensions. My bumper case still fits around the edge; but, to be honest, the black plastic casing looks unsightly next to the beautifully finished textured grain of the cherry wood. For now, I'm gonna leave the edges exposed and really enjoy the visual impact of the JackBack.

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You could get one made of stone next and use a chisel to "type" your messages Fred Flinstone style....

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Ha ha, now *that* would have a good weight to it. Like those old cassette tapes that has a metal casing.

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Heck yeah :) Did some yesterday - probably heavier than I should have - my lower back felt strained. Nothing injured though.

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I dig it. I have an Atomic case for my iPhone 4, anodized aluminum with a carbon-fiber backing. I like the wooden ones, but for some reason I can't find one that I really like like I like the aluminum ones.

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I've only dabbled in the rubber cases; none of which I was particularly impressed with. I'm gonna see how going this route will feel for a bit.

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An offtopic thing,
I am still facing the issue "An error occurred. " when I try to browse to your site. Some findings are like it happens to me only when I try like "" by direct visit and not from any other serach engines...And also if refresh the error page, it works. And this happens sometimes only.


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Yeah, I'm still having problems with a bottleneck at 4AM(ish) EST. It seems my current database setup cannot deal with heavy spidering. I have indexes in place; but they are just not good enough. I am going to be moving to CF9 in the near future - maybe that will help out in some way.

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