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Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Qasim Rasheed and Sana Ullah
Ben Nadel at CFUNITED 2008 (Washington, D.C.) with: Qasim Rasheed ( @qasimrasheed ) and Sana Ullah

Adobe Launches ColdFusion 9 And Bolt Public Betas

By Ben Nadel on
Tags: ColdFusion

Adobe just announced that they have released the public betas for both ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder (BOLT)!

Adobe Announces ColdFusion 9 And Bolt Public Betas! 

The news of this started to come out right before I went to sleep last night and I'll tell you, I was so excited I hardly slept a wink! I tossed and turned all night as images of little centaurs danced in my head. While these are not the final products, these are the versions that we all finally get to play with. If you want to check out the public beta, take a look at the following links:

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Public Beta

What's New In Adobe ColdFusion 9

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Tag / Function Reference

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Developer's Guide

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Video Guides

Adobe ColdFusion 9 Bug Database (Report A Bug)

Adobe ColdFusion IDE (Bolt) Public Beta

I am sure that over the next few weeks (starting immediately) there will be a torrent of blog posts from the community about the new ColdFusion 9 features. These are exciting times, my friend. I actually feel a little light headed; it's like suddenly there's so much cool stuff to try out and I don't even know where to begin. It's like that dream where I'm surrounded by a thousands bowls of pudding. I guess you just have to dig in!

Reader Comments

I'm not too fussed about CF9. There don't seem to be many new features I'm after, other than the ability to write an entire CFC using cfscript. I've looked through the 'Whats new' pages and there just isn't anything game-changing from what I can see. The one thing I was hoping for was the ability to create cfthreads from inside cfthreads but I'm out of luck on that one so we're still going to struggle on Solaris platforms :(

CF Builder should be stealing the limelight right now. I've played with the default install as I can't install it into Eclipse 3.5 and it seems pretty tidy. A few bugs but nothing too major thus far. Will put more time investigating CF Builder than CF9, I think.



I think there's some small, but awesome additions in ColdFusion 9 as well as some big ones. But of course, it depends on the type of stuff you do.

Can't help but notice that despite the fact that Bolt is built on Eclipse, there's no Linux download.

And when I downloaded Bolt into my Windoze install, I found out that none of my existing Eclipse project folders could be used.

I'm still going to give Bolt a look, but I don't see it becoming a permanent relationship.


I've played with it a bit. I still need to get used to the idea of project-based thinking, not so much file-based thinking.

Where's the pic from? I think Adobe should put that on all of their new software! lol!

Can't wait to see more of cf9!!!

A friend and tech guy commented on my FaceBook status this morning after I updated it with the link to the CF 9/Bolt public betas. His quote was "no one uses CF anymore". What do I have to do to help people "get it" that CF IS BEING USED??? To be honest, sometimes I get tired of the whole fight. Seriously, what is it going to take for people to understand? Are people so engrained with their tech doctrines that they refuse to look at anything else? Or, am I that guy who is completely one-sided and refuses to listen to anyone else? Is there a middle ground? Ben, what's your thought on this age-old debate? Somebody give me some direction, here? Ray C. and Ben Forta have talked about this countless times, but I need some fresh perspectives as CF9 gets ready to hit the scene.

Anyone find Bolt/CF Builder *that* much more exciting than CFEclipes? I'm actually seeing the opposite and appreciating CFEclipse a bit more now that I've tasted Bolt.

Things I wish it had that CFEclipse has:
* Bracket matching
* Automatically collapse cffunctions in cfc's
Things I wish it had that DW has:
* The most awesome find/replace feature in the world (now that HomeSite is gone...)
* Inline html and CSS code assist (DW will even give you CSS assist in custom tag variables if the param name ends with "style")
* Intelligent inserting closing tags - If i type <customtag:mytag> it should insert </customtag:mytag>

Maybe this isn't the place, and I'll be sure to pass this up the beta chain, but thought I'd post here first to see what others think.

All I can say is WOW - the shop I'm at uses and extends EXT and CF8 extensively and endlessly - I / WE collectively are excited. EXT 3.0 - and AJAX gizmoes, cfscript enhancements !!!, ORM... its going to take some time to get through this ;)


You're not alone. The server side stuff is cool to see, but not really something that I use in my workflow. There's a lot of potential though, and I really hope it gets a lot more polish through the beta program. Here's a list of the stuff I'll be submitting :)

Stuff that I miss from CFE:

* Templates. I know that snippets were included, but Templates were so much more useful than snippets IMO since they showed up in code-assist lists and offered the {cursor} field.

* Methods View. Outline just doesn't cut it. It's way too cluttered, and doesn't want to respect the filtering settings in my preferences for cfm files (it only applies them to CFCs). Because of that, it's way too slow on large files. Hopefully this will get fixed.

* Code Folding Options. There are none!

Stuff that is promising, but still needs some polish:

* CFC Introspection. All I've ever wanted since back when CFStudio was in vogue is CFC intorspection with code assist. And it's in Builder, but it's not done right. First, all of my mappings are set up in my application.cfc - I never bother with server side mappings anymore. The code assist ignores this and instead prefixes my CFCs with the folder in which they reside instead of the mapping. Also, the introspection is incomplete. It works OK if I'm using functional notation (o.function(arguments)), but not at all if I'm cfinvoking. And that's my number one use case - if I type an invoke statement, I want it to auto-complete my invokeargs for me. *That* would be a killer feature.

* Fluid typing. By this I mean that typing is awkward in CF Builder. I know that I'm used to CFE, but beyond that, I feel like a lot of basics are missing. Like understanding that if I'm inside a tag, one character before the > and I type >, I do not want a second >, and that it should infact jump over the character instead. Ditto for quotes, parens, brackets, braces, etc.

* Code assist. The code assist in Builder is flaky at the best of times, doing an awful job at filtering to only relevant options based on my context. Often times, it doesn't even work when invoked manually (via ctrl+space) because it forgets its own context.

* Multiline search. I don't know why noone can make a decent editor with this. It is the only thing I miss from DW.

Stuff that is missing entirely:

* Component Browser. Yes, there is a services view, but it requires an RDS connection. I want a component browser that lists the components in my local project based on file introspection, without the need to be connected to a server. And I want to be able to drag and drop from that browser into my code, and have it smart enough to insert a cfinvoke with all of my arguments, or a function call based on context.

That's my initial impression. I hope that the next couple of months will see Builder make large strides. There's a lot about it that I really want to like. I know it's just beta, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my bug submissions will be helpful to the Adobe team :)

Maybe I'm too critical, but if I have to eventually pay for this, it better beat DW. Eclipse is free, they [Adobe] didn't have to write that - so charging for a plugin editor should mean that it will knock your socks off.

I'm hopeful that it will, eventually.


More than just the initial release, I think what we have to remember about ColdFusion Builder is that Adobe is backing it as THE ColdFusion editor. That means that this product now has a path that they will follow up on. Eclipse is good and CFEclipse has been widely loved; but, as it is all open source and made from people's generous time, it could be dropped at any moment. As a corporate product, I think we can be assured that Builder will now continue to be developed and have yearly (18 month) releases just like all the other Adobe products.

So basically, we can be assured that this product is going to keep getting better and fine tuned over time.